Nolan Trotter – “Honey, Do!”

 Nolan Trotter – “Honey, Do!”

This dude has got himself one seriously bright future ahead of him.

As far as I’ve read & researched myself, Nolan Trotter is still just sixteen years old – and he already sounds like a full-on veteran of the music-scene!  Loving what I see in the colorfully stylistic retro look to the new video he’s got, and I’m equally loving the warm glowing sound he’s created for his latest single “Honey, Do!”  Absolutely right up our alley here at sleepingbagstudios, the slick & smooth design to “Honey, Do!” shimmers & shines, with a perfect hint of psychedelic-pop tinged into the vibes of this Indie-Rock cut that reveals spectacular moments that sound like this track has been left out in the hot sun spinning from the tape-deck of your boombox.  With beautifully rich bass-lines that have a similarly inspired melodic bounce to’em like you’d find in the vibrant creativity of a band like Stereolab, with dreamy vocals that infuse genuine poetry into endearing tones that connect straight to the soul – Nolan’s proving extremely early on into his career that he’s got the right kind of uniqueness that stands out & still remains highly accessible, interesting, and outright charming.  Between the natural skills he so clearly possesses & the extraordinarily innovative, adventurous, and innovative structure & composition of a song like this with its stellar video supporting it, you gotta dig the potential & possibilities for where Trotter’s music will take him over these next years to follow.  He’s light-years ahead of his age already, and he’s just gettin’ started – and with what he’s put into “Honey, Do!” alone, he confirms he’s got all the right ingredients & talent required to take his music to the limit & beyond…and perhaps most importantly, he’s already got the courage, confidence, artistic integrity, and skills to make it happen.

Dude’s already selling SOCKS in his merch!  Trust me when I tell ya, Nolan Trotter is organized, talented, and ready to make this music thing a lifetime career.  Find out more about him from his official page at:

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