Noel Johnson (NDJ) – “So Out Of Style”

 Noel Johnson (NDJ) – “So Out Of Style”

Everyone deserves a second chance to get it right.

I’ve been literally immersed in the story of Noel Johnson (NDJ) over the past week or more, and I’ve barely thought about anything else since I first started learning about him.  I’m here to talk about the new video & single he’s putting out officially TODAY on July 27th called “So Out Of Style” – and I don’t wanna give away all the incredible details you should be making your way over to his pages to read when you’re checking out his new tune, but suffice it to say, Noel’s taken the long road to get to where he is today.  A true story of finding his way to the place where he belongs, he’s traveled the world and seen many things…beautiful things…horrific things…life-altering things – all of which essentially add up to the man & artist he’s become today.  Trust me, have a read about the man – he’s beaten the odds.

And technically, in the background, no matter what stage or phase of his life he was in, the music remained a stoic companion.  For the first many years, it was more about communion and camaraderie – songs played in the magic of the moment, unrecorded.  Then came time to make his first record called I Won’t Answer…and again, without giving the whole story away, suffice it to say that the cruel twist of fate brought its wrath upon Noel’s creative momentum once again at this point in time, sending the guise of a well-meaning industry goon to lead Johnson towards success only to eventually rip it away.

Or perhaps, so it was thought…

Life continued to pass by…Noel is married with children of his own now…and once all the dust had settled, his steady companion of music that had never left his side all these years, now demanded it got the attention it deserved.  He got into the back catalog & dusted off past material with updated sound from new toys & instruments he’s purchased – and in the process, he discovered an unreleased gem called “So Out Of Style” that didn’t just age like a fine wine; it was more relevant for right now than it was whenever it was originally written.  Enlisting the remarkable talents of Joey Seales (Electric Piano), Matt Jackson (Bass), and Anderson Gore (Drums) to assist Noel (Vocals, Guitar) in bringing “So Out Of Style” outta the past and into the here & now, together they’ve brought the soul of this song straight to the surface for all to hear.  Johnson’s lyrical craftsmanship is freakin’ fantastic…quite honestly, if I was to start pulling the quotes & lines I love from “So Out Of Style,” I’d have you reading til next Thursday – but I’m sure you get what I mean, the man writes an amazing tune with a whole lotta sincerity & heart.  You combine that with the spectacularly sweet & soulful performance you find at the core of this single, and you gotta admit…this all stacks up to the sound of something seriously special.  It’s thought-provoking, it’s poetic, it’s authentically moving & real…and while the words may be insightful & incredible on paper, you’ve gotta give credit to Noel & his band for making the music & vocals bring out all of their potential.  The pace is perfect, the sound is brilliantly smooth & inviting, the musicianship is spot-on, and ultimately that allows us to absorb each and every word, and really consider what Johnson’s got to say in what’s essentially his debut at long last.  Part of “So Out Of Style” is wonderfully autobiographical in a way that proves how humble Noel truly is, and you’ll find plenty of content in his words that branch this song out from its personal insights into something even larger, encompassing us all.  Flexing a true songwriter’s gift, you’ll find the energy & aura of the spirit in the music expand to reflect that beautifully – and even in the darkest corners of the lyricism you’ll find the light & spark of hope that makes all the difference.

I think that Noel Johnson (NDJ) has done more than a commendable job with “So Out Of Style” – I think he’s put out a verifiable statement song that shows us all he’s right where he belongs, making music.  It might have taken him some time to get here to the point where he’s at today…but from what I’m hearing now in this new single of his & seeing in this video he’s got…it’s all been well worth the wait.

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