newkidsdj – “Serene”

 newkidsdj – “Serene”

newkidsdj – “Serene” – Music Video Release/Review

As we promised ya on the last episode of our show SBS Live This Week, we’re back with a whole bunch more info on what’s up with newkidsdj after introducing you (and ourselves!) to the music for the first time when we spun the video for the single called “Serene.”  You know we like to make sure all the bases are covered & that we’re doin’ our best to spread the word – so just in case you missed that last show we put out there (find it here) – we’re posting “Serene” right up here at the homepage to make sure everyone’s had a chance to enjoy it.

Absolutely confident that ya will too, once you see & see it of course – this is a solid cut!  In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s exactly as advertised – “Serene” IS serene, you following me?  Over the course of a colorful range of expressive Electro sounds and high-doses of vibrant melody in the mix, “Serene” pumps out a relentless fresh, inspired, and uplifting energy that’ll make you feel like you could go out & conquer all the goals you have in LIFE in one day!  Now go ahead – TRY to tell me you don’t wanna hear a track with that potential – you KNOW you DO – so DO that by clicking below on the new newkidsdj vid!

Like many of the videos we play on SBS Live This Week, we’re just discovering or hearing a band/artist for the first time…and it’s always rad to take the opportunity to find out more about the music you love when you hear something you dig – so of course we did that, and kept on digging to learn more about newkidsdj.  When playing “Serene” on the show, I ended up talking about what makes this a verifiable single-worthy Electro-experience and my various positive feelings towards the video/song – and to repeat, that episode is now out & available – you can catch up on what I’ve said there anytime you like.

But here at the pages, I wanted to tell ya a bit more of what I could find out online about newkidsdj since we posted the show.  I won’t go as far as to say we know everything about this project – not by a longshot in fact – and I’d be willing to bet there’s a purposeful approach being applied there in that sense to help add an additional air of mystery in the atmosphere & aura surrounding newkidsdj.  Which is more than cool with me – you know I love to jump down the rabbit-hole and find out as much as I can, even if there’s not too much to be found…every breadcrumb forms a trail to somewhere, you feel me?

“Serene” would eventually lead me to the 2019 release of the Sentiments EP by newkidsdj, which yes, harbors the very single we’ve been blasting on our show and page here today.  So that’s where ya find it dear readers, dear friends – you’ll also find four other tracks to go with it, all made in the stunning style & bulletproof structures full of dynamic musical-hooks bouncing from the lefts to the rights, just like you find here on the lead-single.    Finding the Sentiments EP then led me to Brain Dead Records, which would be the label backing newkidsdj and supporting this wild project through the official release of the record back in…April this year I believe.  You can quote me on most of this stuff, I think I’ve got this right.

What I can tell you for sure, is that I’ve had a chance to listen beyond “Serene” and experience the rest of what the Sentiments EP had to offer – and after doing that, I fully stand behind my belief that this project is making EDM well worth being excited about – every song on the record pumps out a sincere melody & an energetic pulse guaranteed to get ya movin.’  Great stuff to be found on Sentiments – you’ll notice things like, how when newkidsdj goes for a breakdown/bring-back moment, they’ll send shivers down your spine, just like the one you’ll find in “Serene.”  There’s an absolutely fantastic grip on sound & style in what newkidsdj brings to your speakers – and vibes you won’t be able to get enough of.

LASTLY…and this is just to clarify because we got a wonky-ass format goin’ on with some of what we do here at both the pages and on our show – a lot of what we put out there, is simply capitalized to keep it all universal that way – to be as crystal-clear as the quality of the production & sound on “Serene” and the Sentiments EP – newkidsdj is gonna be found out there online on your google-machines in lowercase letters y’all.  All that format-stuff is well-beyond my own ‘technical computery-skills’ – but I hate to butcher a name even .01%, even though I mispronounce all kinds of’em on our show all the time – so I’m compensating by making sure we’re all on the same page here for getting the best results out of your search engines – you want newkidsdj typed in there – and you want the music in your speakers right after that, for sure.

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