Neon Funeral – “iPlague”

 Neon Funeral – “iPlague”

I’m willing to risk contamination for this, yep – bring on the “iPlague” I say!

Neon Funeral is busting out of Jersey with all-out explosion of sound that should list them synonymous with the very definition of hybrid music.  A five piece that absolutely understands the essence of providing listeners with an experience they’re not gonna forget any time soon – “iPlague” is a freakin’ wicked example of their ability to create genuine crossover music that connects by style, or by sheer force.  Brilliantly combining rhythmic Darkwave grooves with stunning Pop-based melodic hooks and scathing Metal vocals – Neon Funeral keeps the audio entertainment flowing furiously and your speakers stocked full of versatility that lands a serious knockout punch & a huge WIN for the variety of sound to be found within one scorching hot single.  Not only that – but the video for “iPlague” will also prove how next-level this whole band is; directed by the exceptional talents of Will Photo…this is easily one of the most badass & rad sets of visuals I’ve seen supporting any single out there in the scene this year without question.  It’s got all the right effects used to add to their synth-laden sound; with middle fingers raised up, pigeon battles, straightjackets, many beers, wild club scenes, a couple puffs on a pipe here & there, and what seems like death looming close to them at all times…you’d think one of these elements might end up stealing the show out from underneath them, but HELL NO – it’s all killer, no question – but Neon Funeral remains the most electrifying part of what you’ll see onscreen, visually confirming they’re just as awesome when it comes to making a video as they are when it comes to making music.  Brace yourselves folks…because y’aint ready for these guys no matter how prepared you think you might be – Neon Funeral attacks the screens & speakers with a vengeance, and in the process, they’re creating an enormously addictive sound & style that’ll burn itself into your mind permanently.  You’ve been warned – now do the right thing anyway – click on “iPlague” below and witness the undeniable raw power of Neon Funeral for yourself!

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