Neil And Adam – “Bright Light”

 Neil And Adam – “Bright Light”

Neil And Adam – “Bright Light” – Single Review

They’re terribly predictable…every little syllable.”  #aintthatthetruth!

It’d be extremely tough not to rally behind Neil And Adam for what they’ve accomplished on this new single of theirs called “Bright Light,” which is essentially a flawless Pop/Rock/Soul cut in every aspect.  I cannot even begin to express how many pages I’ve poked open on the internet trying to find two dudes going by their first names in a futile attempt to figure out who exactly is doing what & when, who’s singing, who’s playing…and really, the best I can come up with is that it seems like they’ve got both sets of hands on deck at all times.  There is…one voice on the microphone at the very least in the lead…there are others you’ll find in the background as well…but as to whether that’s Neil or it’s Adam is anyone’s guess as far as what I’ve seen out there for information.  So unless you’re lucky enough to know them personally, for now, the rest of us have to assume they just wanna keep the full credit for these tunes they’re making rolling straight down the line in the middle, 50/50, and hey, that’s mighty cool as well.

The bottom line is, they sound great together.  If I’m not mistaken folks, that’s what really matters right?

With a sound that’s tried, tested, and true, beaming through a style that’s proved to be pretty much timeless in music’s history from about the 80s on-forward – I can cite comparisons to Neil And Adam’s “Bright Light” that would trace back to groundbreaking Pop/Rock bands like Go West from back in the day, all the way up to much more recent similarities from the independent scene to say, something like King Shaolin.  The point is, the audience for this hybrid style of shiny sound never, ever goes away – I can attest to that as a longtime fan of whatever it is you consider this style of music to really be – names of genres don’t matter, there’s no point in putting anyone in a box anyhow – they sound great, and as I said, that really IS all that matters.  They write with sincerity and play with passion – and no matter who ya are, the endearing way they rock “Bright Light” will reveal the deep connection these two have to their music & the stunning balance of strengths that each individual player clearly brings to their tunes.

You can verifiably feel the way this uplifting melody takes hold immediately as Neil And Adam’s new single begins, and it takes them no time at all to make a fantastic first impression on ya if you’ve yet to experience their music, which was the case for me personally until now.  They balance out the sweetness in the atmosphere & aura of this cut with clever lyricism that presents deeper layers of meaning underneath the shiny surface of their ear-catching sound.  “Bright Light” shows the craft from every angle at work beautifully, the song’s production & performance radiate crystal clarity and that good-good spine-tingling sound you wanna find in a single – and the amount of genuine HEART you’ll find at the core of their music, is truly undeniable.  Neil And Adam are 100% into this song, and as I’m sure I’ve said a million times on these pages of ours – that authentic interest MATTERS – it’s exactly what leads to sensory sound…you feel a moment like “Bright Light,” because you KNOW that they do too – and your ears will confirm this when you’re listening.  This duo has brought their A-game when it comes this to single and the astounding level of attention to detail you’ll find it has; for just a couple of guys, you really gotta hand it to them for finding out how to get the maximum potential outta each other.  With high emphasis on delivering powerfully moving emotion, whether through the insightful words in their lyricism, or the soaring music in this ballad they’ve created here, the incredible harmonies added in, or the personality & punch of the magic they shift into for the upbeat chorus – Neil And Adam have found multiple ways to hit ya in the heartstrings and straight in the feels throughout “Bright Light.”

It’s catchy…there’s definitely no denying that.  Overall, there’s really not much I could see anyone out there having a complaint against…they’ve played this one pretty much perfectly to the letter as far as my ears can tell, and I felt like Neil And Adam truly show us all the craft in their songwriting & vibrant, single-worthy sound with this song of theirs.  Even beyond that, I still found more to love about’em – like that lyric-video up above that you should have clicked on by now – the whole look to it is a brilliant pairing with the isolated introspection communicated so expertly to us through the words…it’s almost like we can imagine ourselves standing there & waiting for the next train to come, thinking thoughts just like these.  That degree of tangible emotion, meaning, and depth in the lyricism is remarkably relatable, and with the massively accessible sound they’ve got goin’ on throughout “Bright Light” through its stunning verses, uplifting chorus hooks, and all-around talented musicianship they display…there’s really not much left to be said – Neil And Adam have got something wonderful started up here and I’m stoked to hear more without question.

And believe it or not, finding Neil And Adam on the net actually isn’t that tough at all, even though it really, really does seem like it would be.  I promise ya, plug those names into Google and they’ll come right up – I was only kidding about not being able to track’em down, they’re out there everywhere!

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