Nehedar – “You’re Beautiful When You Fall Apart”

 Nehedar – “You’re Beautiful When You Fall Apart”

Nehedar – “You’re Beautiful When You Fall Apart” – Single Review

Shaping up to be another incredible day here!  Coming out of the solid experience with the new music of Dansad’s new single – I ended up wondering if I should push my luck and continue to press play on the upcoming songs on my list of stuff to check out, knowing full well that it would take something powerful to keep me writing if I was already thinking about potentially taking a break.  Sometimes…I’m lucky that way…when it rains it pours beautiful music here at sleepingbagstudios…and quickly, I discovered I’d much rather listen to the music of Nehedar than take a break of any kind.  What a captivating and beautifully-expressive voice!

The official owner of that incredible vocal sound is Emilia Cataldo…and I’d certainly say she’s got herself a wonderful career in music just waiting for her to step into the spotlight.  I’ll admit…I was here to check out the new-single “You’re Beautiful When You Fall Apart” and I actually ended up checking out several tunes, enjoying myself the entire time.  She has incredible approach and confidence on a song like “Take It Apart” which is up-tempo and extremely creative in its vocal-flow…and she sounds absolutely stunning on the song “Come Into The Light” that I checked out as well.  There’s not even an inch of room for argument – Emilia is a tremendous songwriter…everything I seemed to listen to left me with zero doubt about it.  Her performances rise to the ambitions and ideas in her writing and soar gorgeously alongside the music she sings to…each of these songs I checked out really had insightfully-unique atmospheres and energies to them, each different from the last but retaining the beautifully identifiable qualities of her incredible voice to create a real comfort and cohesion between them.

“You’re Beautiful When You Fall Apart” leans much more towards the rock-side of Nehedar’s sound from what I’ve personally checked out so far…but each different style I’ve heard seems to suit Emilia’s vocals really, really well.  She NAILS the verse of “You’re Beautiful When You Fall Apart” and weaves & winds her words around the music with precision & grace in her approach.  The latter-half of the verse…or pre-chorus perhaps…didn’t work for me quite as well compared to the smoothed-out chill vibe of the melody in the opening half…BUT…there’s undeniable hook there.  STRONG hook.  For a moment it gathers up a large amount of boot-stomping, crowd-cheering energy before it launches into a more mellow approach to the chorus itself.  The mix of energy in this tune keeps it entertaining to the ears…the writing and hooks of each separate part of the tune all have their own merit; while some might speak more strongly to you than others as most multiple-hook songs are bound to…still can’t deny just how each part you’ll hear really has’em!

And as much as I like the sound, approach and tone of Emilia’s vocals – gotta say, the tone of the instrumentation in this tune was right where I like it to be.  Bass & drums provided solid backbone to the entire track…great low-end toms sounded awesome on “You’re Beautiful When You Fall Apart” and the crisp-snap of the snare sounds incredible when the energy of the music rises in the song’s instrumental/solo-sections.  Speaking of – EXCELLENT guitar solo on this tune…right at the end of the song to take you out…but the fuzz & distortion of its tone is again, spot-on.  Overall the music sounds really tight & together, rich & full in the mix when everything’s firing at the same time and separated for perfect clarity when the instruments get stripped away during the verse.  Definitely held onto my attention and overall from what I’ve heard here today…I really think Nehedar is on completely solid ground.  Great songwriter, great performances and really vibrant ideas that are as bright as her future – mark my words.

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