Nattyva – “Good For You” (Selena Gomez Cover)

 Nattyva – “Good For You” (Selena Gomez Cover)

As many of your out there know or would naturally assume, my experience with Selena Gomez’s music is pretty limited.  That being said…if it wasn’t for the independent music-scene out there I might not even know she exists…because I pretty much DO live in an actual cave, yes.  This would actually be the second time one of her songs have found its way to our pages, this time coming from the stunning perspective & sound of Nattyva, who gives a golden performance here in the new video/song for her cover of SG’s “Good For You.”  I dig the way Nattyva’s kept this one classy, simple and elegant, but also how this version really shines a bright light on the stunning vocals and the writing of this song – you can hear what caught her attention to want to cover it.  She’s done an exceptional job of putting herself into the emotion of this song and delivered a flawless cover – check it out below and hear “Good For You” by Selena Gomez through Nattyva’s fresh perspective and beautiful performance in this brand new video.

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