Natalie Graham – “Falling 4U”

 Natalie Graham – “Falling 4U”

Natalie Graham – “Falling 4U” – Single Review

Natalie Graham’s on solid ground.  More than half the music-scene might keep me up at night worrying about the moves they’re making, but not this artist – she might only be twenty-two, but she’s definitely got a relevant sound for the right here & now.  If you look at her pages online, you’ll see she’s been posting up cuts for about six years already – don’t let her age fool ya, she’s practically a veteran at this point when it comes to her professionalism & performances.  From collaborations to covers, and of course originals like this new single “Falling 4U,” it seems Natalie was born ready to entertain; even from as far back as at least sixteen from what we can see on the timeline of her singles released online, it’s clear that she’s always had her sights set firmly on becoming the artist she is today.  Well done sister.

In a supremely vibrant mix of Pop/R&B/Club & more, Graham blends genres together on the sound of “Falling 4U” and flexes a spectacular amount of style & flashy hooks in the process.  Vocals?  You BET.  Listening to “Falling 4U” on those first couple spins, I was definitely impressed with just how on-point Natalie was from beginning to end on this single…but it was on those couple spins or so afterwards where I really started to realize just how big some of the demands on her voice would truly be in singing this song.  And that’s where you go from being impressed to pretty much being amazed.  Natalie’s got a giant voice when she wants to add that full dose of power into it – and you’ll hear that in the massive notes she’ll nail throughout the course of belting out the enormous moments you’ll find on “Falling 4U.”

There’s zero doubt that the lady can sing, I’ll put it to ya that way – every set of ears would come to the same conclusion I’m sure.  There’s smart assists happening in the production, effects, and layers, sure –  but make no mistake, you still gotta BRING IT to get a confident performance like this through the mic and onto a recording.  Natalie’s spot-on with what she does…any enhancements via production are simply that & nothing more – as in, sure it makes her sound ‘better’ in terms of the glossy appeal in her style & sound, but in terms of natural talent, there’s no question – you can absolutely hear she’s got ‘it.’  Like, she’s workin’ hard in the first half of the chorus, but when you hear how she finishes that part of the song off, it almost seems like she had a moment to chill by comparison.  Every time you hear her stick the ending of the chorus it should pretty much drop your jaw and recognize the effort it would take to sing as perfect as she is with the tone she gets, straight up.  She’s got the energy, she’s got the spirit, she’s got the power, precision, and the skills to reach the success she’s looking for – that’s what this single will prove to ya – I didn’t feel you could have asked for anything more than exactly what she gives ya on “Falling 4U.”  The hooks are written strong, ain’t no doubt about it, but it’s the way she sings’em that make them come out so bulletproof by the end – definitely a performance she should be proud of.

Expertly recorded & mixed by BeMillz, mastered by Michael Sanders…all hands on deck get a high-five from me for rounding absolutely every corner and shining this single & star up to the maximum potential.  The music sounds great – from the guitar samples to the low-end & beat combo…it all works; and considering it’s a mid-tempo tune, it’s actually quite the accomplishment for everything to come out sounding so fresh & inspired, energetic & invested – but that’s the results of great attention to detail, both in front of & behind the studio boards for sure.  You won’t find any complaints from me when everyone involved is bringing their A-game like they are here on “Falling 4U” – this team works, 100%.  The main star remains the main star of the show without question, but you can also recognize the talented support she’s got around her as well, which is further proof that it’s not just me believing in what Natalie Graham can do – there’s likely a whole army of artists, musicians, and producers already backing her, in addition to a growing legion of fans.

And if she keeps the quality & confidence you hear in her performance up to the shiny standards she sets in “Falling 4U,” that number of people supporting her, is just gonna keep on growing worldwide.

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