N-Roque – “Elvis Is Reborn”

 N-Roque – “Elvis Is Reborn”

N-Roque – “Elvis Is Reborn” – Video/Single Release & Review

If anyone could see the sheer panic on my face at the mere mention of anything to do with Elvis I’d probably run off and hide from embarrassment. Don’t get me wrong, I get it…he was The King blah-blah-blah etc. etc. – just understand I was once trapped in a basement suite where the person on the floor directly above me in our complex of paper-thin walls would literally BLAST Elvis Presley, at 6:00 am on-the-dot each and every day. And I stayed there for about a year – tell me you could survive that and not want to abdicate the throne as I did…

Thankfully…aside from the title itself, the song “Elvis Is Reborn” is much more loosely tied into The King through the song than it is a direct homage or semi-cover of an Elvis song…or so it would seem at first without viewing the video. What N-Roque has put together here on this latest single is actually freakin brilliant in both song and in the visuals which completely support this song fantastically…but we’ll get to that soon enough…

On song alone this new cut from N-Roque gets a massive thumbs-up from me. Not quite all-rock, not quite all pop…in a way this is kind of what you’d imagine a pop-artist with hooks like Mika might have ended up sounding like if he’d chosen the rock angle instead. Excellent guitar riffs completely fuel this song and the mix on everything is right where it all should be. The vocals are delivered with confidence, attitude you can HEAR and a playful, fun style that celebrates the energy in rock’n’roll.

When combined with the video that N-Roque has put together for “Elvis Is Reborn” there is basically nothing you’ll be able to do to resist this new single. Let me put it to you this way…I was completely unsurprised to see that the Foo Fighters and the recent incident with Dave Grohl were the first thing I saw posted on N-Roque’s social media at Facebook when I was looking into the music after seeing the video for the first time. Hmmm…at least I think it was that page lol…seems to be gone now! But you can see that same playful Dave Grohl & Co. attitude in N-Roque’s playful and extremely awesome personality that truly shines through in the visual representation for “Elvis Is Reborn.”

The video itself, which you can see below, deals with the cultural obsession that still exists for the music of Elvis Presley and really ties in the intended meaning of the lyrics into stunning visuals as you roam through the city with dozens upon dozens of people chilling out with an Elvis Presley cardboard cut-out. It’s a simple idea that is executed with real flair, flash and brilliance – the editing is superb and overall this combination between the song and video are pure perfection.

Big hooks and catchy music always work well around this time of year when the sun is out and shining and you want that tune that’s really going to get the energy flowing – “Elvis Is Reborn” truly does that. With excellent vocals, music, samples and switches that massively entertain the mind & earholes – you gotta love a song like this on the soundtrack for your summer. Whatever bad mood might plague you, or whatever raincloud is hanging to closely over your head – this new single from N-Roque is literally designed to bring in the light, energy and enthusiasm necessary to shatter the worst of attitudes and put a real bounce in your step.

Find out more from the N-Roque official page right here: http://www.nroque.com/



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