Mutus – “Ses Ver” Feat. Ozan Anlaş

 Mutus – “Ses Ver” Feat. Ozan Anlaş

Mutus – “Ses Ver” Feat. Ozan Anlaş – Music Video Release/Review

An electronic music producer from Turkey that is currently based out of Azerbaijan – Mutus is making digitally-enhanced, cutting edge sound spring vibrantly to life from the lefts to the rights on this debut single from the ONIX Records Label.  Making the magic happen, Mutus has written the lyrics & music, and of course, lent his golden talents to producing his new single “Ses Ver” as well.  As an added bonus, you get the stunning vocals of artist Ozan Anlaş guest-starring and putting in a wickedly gripping turn on the microphone that raises the intensity even further.  Coming up with a combination of other-worldly sound in a collaboration that’s massively enticing to listen to, Mutus & Anlaş created a wildly accessible & interesting song that highlights just how much international appeal you can stuff into one tune!

Pulsing with brilliant movement & sound coming at ya from the music to the microphone, “Ses Ver” slides around perfectly with sonic entertainment you’re bound to want to turn right up to the rafters.  Supported by an incredibly entertaining set of visuals in the video by Julius Horsthuis, “Ses Ver” is designed to solidly catch your attention in every way possible.  You’ll see from the video below that the curious shapes and bold colors are an awesome pairing with the electrifying sound of the music & vocals on the new Mutus single “Ses Ver” – click play below and check it out for yourself, you won’t regret it!

See & hear what I’m saying?  “Ses Ver” flexes highly dynamic sound from every angle, bouncing around with the genuine ferocity of a live-wire dancing with pure electricity sparking-up in the air surrounding you.  A fantastic audio odyssey that taps directly into the mind’s eye through the video, and a serious journey into a powerful combination of EDM & IDM – you can tell from this single that Mutus is supercharged with the ability to entertain and fully capable of sharing his incredible gift with the people.  It’s music like this that translates perfectly to your ears no matter where you’re from – “Ses Ver” is like its own master-class on how to make songs strong enough to reach a global audience.  Brilliantly edgy and entertaining from start to finish – “Ses Ver” is more than satisfying – it’s an essential Electro cut of 2019 that your speakers & screens couldn’t possibly live without!  So make sure they don’t have to – don’t miss out on “Ses Ver” by Mutus, featuring Ozan Anlaş  & give this single the love it truly deserves!

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