Mudskin Cix – “EitherOr”

 Mudskin Cix – “EitherOr”

Mudskin Cix – “EitherOr” – Music Video Release/Review

If ya just recently tuned into the latest episode of SBS Live This Week and you’re here to find out more about Mudskin Cix after seeing his video for “EitherOr” on our show – we appreciate you & you’re ahead of the game.  For the rest of y’all out there…it’s time to bring you up to speed on what’s up with this Seattle-based artist Mudskin Cix, post this vid up on our pages for you all to see, and make sure everybody out there gets a chance to sample the sound this dude is workin’ with.  Cause it ain’t typical – and if your ears dig uniqueness, Mudskin Cix will provide ya with plenty on this new single he’s got.

But that’s what it’s all about right?  If you’re an artist, you get it…in this day & age, it takes a bit extra to stand out from the rest…whether that’s creatively, content-wise, personality…could be a whole bunch of things – could be all of them added up together.  Bottom line is, you gotta put yourself out there to explore the genre, try new things, experiment, see what works & what suits your own style of expression as an artist…then you take all that good stuff & go blaze up your own trail like Mudskin Cix is.  Whether the people catch on immediately, or whether they take forever to catch up & take a ride on your bandwagon is almost irrelevant…it’s all about staying true to yourself as an artist…believe that.

So for me personally, I always welcome something that’s got something new goin’ on – and this does.  Mudskin Cix is working with a bit of dissonant sound – but even still, you’ll find the melody of the main hooks both completely effective, and highly memorable.  Is he wild’n’out during the bars of the verses on “EitherOr?”  You could probably make that argument & get away with it…Mudskin Cix ain’t afraid of putting personality on display or committing to the idea itself – and like I said, full respect, I dig that.  There’s more at work here though than just another beat & solid cut…you can tell this is an artist with a more artistic perspective than that…whether it’s the imagination & creativity he’s putting in, or the lyrics he’s written and the intense internal observations he’s laying down on the m-i-c…you can tell there’s actually something deeper goin’ on here than just what you’ll find on the surface level.  That always makes it worth checking out what else an artist like this has been up to – and you’ll find all kinds of music released by Mudskin Cix online already…albums like Content, Content II, AboveTheInfluence, AboveTheInfluence II:  Unnatural – and Victoria…which right now, has no current sequel we know of.  You get the point though – if you’re digging what you hear on “EitherOr,” then you know what to do – get out there on your Google machines, hit up those pages online & find more music from Mudskin Cix.

If I had to hazard a guess too, I’d assume that Mudskin Cix is ready to bust some major moves in 2019 based on what I’m seeing out there online & on his pages.  From the looks of thangs, seems like he’s already gone on to release about four more videos onto the internet since “EitherOr” went up – and you KNOW that’s always the telltale sign of a productive year homies, yessir.  Definitely the kind of artist that is bound to surprise you time & again over the years…a single like this confirms that Mudskin Cix is willing to dive deep into the beyond in order to come up with something ya haven’t experienced yet.  Ultimately, no matter what you may/may-not feel about the end results, you gotta admire an artist that takes a route like this…Mudskin Cix shows there ain’t no limits or boundaries being set in place to stop him from going wherever he wants with his music, and as a result, you’ll never be able to predict his next move.  Experimentation, innovation, creativity, ideas, and talent…you combine all these ingredients with a work-ethic like Mudskin Cix has…trust me when I say, the potential upside is absolutely massive.  Especially if you’ve got that collaborative spirit too…like enlisting the talents of Discent here as a producer was an extremely good call.

Havin’ solid support from an anime video won’t hurt either – that’s a good move and a great way to get a bit more traction out there…I’m tellin’ ya people – it might seem like Mudskin Cix is off the deep end at times, but I’m making the argument that there’s definitely more to it than that…this man’s thinkin’ about the moves he’s making – and each one he’s making, counts as another bold step forward in his career.  Stoked to see where the music of Mudskin Cix ends up next, because it could be absolutely anything…keepin’em guessin’ while he’s finesse’n is what this artist is all about…& you gotta dig that.

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