Mr. MiLK – “Morphing Time”

 Mr. MiLK – “Morphing Time”

Now…I don’t know about y’all out there…but this is the exact kind of epic video/single combination I could watch all day, every day, and twice on Sundays – and since I’ve run outta Sunday, I’m here early AF on a Monday morning, excited as it gets to be sharing this incredible cut by Mr. MiLK with all of you out there.  Everything about this cut will make a resounding impact and impression on ya…the texture of the sound…the hauntingly mesmerizing off-kilter design of the melody…the eerie frequencies that vibrantly soar through the background…the AMAZING video put together to support it all – what on Earth else could you possibly want from Mr. MiLK?!?  This is how to get it all done right as far as singles are concerned; “Morphing Time” will spark the curiosity in your brain-waves and melt you right down to size with its addictive sound selection & stunning structure…you should be genuinely in awe of both what you see, and what you hear.  I can tell ya firsthand…it would take more than a full lifetime for me to ever get bored of what I’m experiencing on “Morphing Time” – as far as these eyes & ears of mine are concerned, this Mr. MiLK dude is a straight-up audio & visual genius and genuine digital star in the making.  Perfection, thy name by “Morphing Time” – this single is aces all-around from start to finish, and with a video as spectacularly engaging & well thought-out as this is to go with it, Mr. MiLK is just gonna flat-out win the whole internet this year if he keeps the quality like this up.  Check out “Morphing Time” for yourself below!

“Morphing Time” comes from the 2020 album Emergence by Mr. MiLK – check it out at his page at Spotify here:

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