Mr Kab – “C’est Le Moment”

 Mr Kab – “C’est Le Moment”

Mr Kab is reaching right around the entire globe with his brand-new single “C’est Le Moment!”

We mean that sincerely – not only is he bringing a spectacular amount of crossover sound infused with all-kinds of energy & cultural awesomeness – but when it comes to the video supporting “C’est Le Moment,” Mr Kab also takes you on a tour of the map to include dance crews from all over the world in the visuals you see.  Shot in the actual countries where each group is from, you’ll make stops in places like Switzerland, Uganda, and Cameroon along the way – while of course also spending time with the main star of the show, Mr Kab in full-effect, ready to provide you with energized entertainment and a celebratory spirit from sight to sound.  Flawlessly edited for good times, performed with pure passion, and true fun for all ages – whether it’s the video or the song, the uplifting vibes of “C’est Le Moment” are bound to flex Mr Kab’s sparkling style & swagger from the screen to your speakers in all-inclusive ways that everyone out there can truly enjoy.  This latest cut from Mr Kab comes straight from the EP of the same name – his C’est Le Moment record is officially out there and available now online, so make sure to check that out – but before you head over to his page to do that, make sure you have a look & a listen to the lead-single/video for “C’est Le Moment” below!

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