Morris 8 – “Captivated”

 Morris 8 – “Captivated”

Morris 8 – “Captivated” – Single Review

Because I’m always here reviewing music of all-kinds, people often want to know where ‘I’m really at,’ you know, as in…what do I listen to when no one else is looking or reading I suppose… I mean, the answer is still independent music, whenever possible, but what they’re really after when they ask me that, is more something like ‘is my sound going to be accepted by your ears???’ before they, with trembling hands, click to send their music to me, the music-reviewing-monster…

Well…good thing you came by here today…in fact, I might just put this entire review in our FAQ just to answer that question one day. What do I want to hear? I want to hear melodies like Morris 8 has put together here in this first single we’ve got our hands and hearts on called “Captivated.” This is the kind of intelligent melody and enchanting songwriting that really moves me.

This single…if I had to cite three places of reference…I’d say you get the smart songwriting of an artist like Styrofoam, combine that with the tone of James Iha’s solo-work and then add a dash of Grandaddy’s pop-indie sensabilities…roll that all into one and you’ve got yourself something like we have here with “Captivated.” It has an absolutely beautiful track that lies somewhere in between an old-school style of like, you know…50’s and 60’s classic acts in R&B and a modern-day indie-pop sensation with its sweetly toned and emotional feel.

The band itself has made incredible journeys between Queenland, Australia and Toronto, Canada and met each other in the mid 1990’s. Comprised of players John MacRae, Robert Blanchet and Ben Aitchison, these three are clearly quite at home making music as Morris 8. It sounds comfortable, completely pleasant all the way through in melody and just put together perfectly. The vocals come through sweetly; the lyrics are completely well-put together with an inventive flow that is warm and inviting all the way through and really pull you in through their assembly, construction and flow. Perfect, simple and classic guitar-line, harmonies are fantastic…I mean really music-fans…I don’t know what more my ears could ask for; this is a complete joy to listen to, completing relaxing and completely pure pop-perfection.

Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself!

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