Modern Day Poets – “Bad Day/Blacktop” (Live @ SBS 2015)

 Modern Day Poets – “Bad Day/Blacktop” (Live @ SBS 2015)

Sometimes it’s a better idea to just let the band stay in the groove they’re in!

Catch a double-shot of Modern Day Poets from their time with us on SBS Live This Week with a back-to-back set of songs called “Bad Day” and “Blacktop.”  I had Ryan @ SBS onhand that day to help film it all and we came out with some killer shots of a band that is right in the prime of their launch and starting to really make their breakthrough into the independent music-scene of Vancouver.  And they were ROCKIN’ the place – so we didn’t stop’em when they took a tiny breath in between these two songs and started right back up again.  I’m not sure if it’s Ryan or Zed (Bass) that ends up expressing the excitement right in the middle there…but man…if that doesn’t say it all right there I don’t know what does.  We had a great time with these guys – check out the video below!

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