Mitchell James – “Silver Linings”

 Mitchell James – “Silver Linings”

Give this emcee some props yo!  Rhymes on-point, vibe on-point, video on-point…even his mustache is on-point!

What’s not to love about Mitchell James and his new single “Silver Linings” from his upcoming EP called The Sally Field?  Dude’s twenty-six, got himself a sweet & smooth beat from Blunted Beatz, a flow that embraces the essence & spirit of Hip-Hop, and a penchant for positivity – this is all good stuff y’all!  Video is killer – the colorization is off the charts cool…half the time everything is so vibrant around him you’d swear it was green-screen…but I think he’s right there in the middle of these beautiful places for real, taking that inspiration of life surrounding him and putting that energy into his music career.  Pretty sure it’s just shot with an absolutely sick camera – mad respect to Zachary Hazard & Jose Zabala for their work on the video and really knowing how to make the most of the scenery.  “Silver Linings” has an all-around uplifting vibe you can’t possibly miss…a chronicle of getting past the struggle and finding out what’s good on the other side of it all…and you can tell from the spirit & sound that Mitchell James is working with that he’s found that place where he belongs, rappin’ it up.  Can’t be strugglin’ when you’re having this much fun right?  Stick around to the end of this video if you really wanna get to know this guy…not only is the song extremely well performed and put together, but you’ll get a real glimpse into the genuine personality behind the music at the very end…trust me, it’s well worth watching.  It’s moments like those that’ll show you exactly how much heart a guy like this really has – and how he’s got an ability to reach out and connect to everyone out there on some level.  Stoked to see where this guy goes with his music as he blazes a trail of positivity & spreads the love around…sounds like this dude is ready to make his mark – check out “Silver Linings” by Mitchell James below!

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