michellesotrill – “Dynamite”

 michellesotrill – “Dynamite”

michellesotrill – “Dynamite” – Single Review

Pretty easy to fall in love with michellesotrill’s new-single “Dynamite” – surprisingly easy though for a guy like me that normally listens to music outside the pop & R&B genres. Comes with the territory of being a music-journalist…well, at least I like to think so; the good ones out there have a rounded palette, the rest seem to stick to one particular style they know better than others. I love the diversity of what we do here at sleepingbagstudios by welcoming in artists from every genre and every corner of the world – otherwise were it left up to my regular instincts of choice, I might not have ever experienced the music of michellesotrill. Acceptance of all-things music and the capability to find something I love in all forms of music offers the chance to discover talents I wouldn’t have known about otherwise, just like michellesotrill here today.

And what else can be said? This new single is completely jammin’! While it starts out with a gentle electro-infused vibe, “Dynamite” quickly bursts into an expanded idea and low-end beat pulsing through the music. Interestingly enough…not much is actually added to the music beyond the swirling vocals of michellesotrill; and not much is needed at all as she cleverly layers-in different sets of vocals, all playing with each other and adding to the rhythm as the track carries on.

Point being, it’s largely up to her. michellesotrill delivers a completely unique combination with the amount of harmonies and layers of her vocals that exist in “Dynamite.” I’ll fully admit that it actually takes a considerable amount of listens to fully absorb the different layers she’s put in here – but each time I’ve gone through and examined the song itself, she seems to nail each layer of the vocals with a separate-sweetness unlike the others and in a sense, actually puts in several standout performances within this ONE song – how cool is that right?

Of course, like any multiple-layered entity…some of these will sound sweeter to you than others and become your favorite parts of the overall sound – but I haven’t heard a single off-putting tone; everything sounds incredibly inviting on “Dynamite.” If there was more to the music itself, you’d feel the track would be over-crowded…michellesotrill and producer Mr. Carmack have made some smart choices here in this song to keep it simple musically and add the complexity through the vocals. The ensuing melody pays off…the vibe in the performance and in the production are awesome in their energy & sound.

If anything at all…the beat itself is SO big and the layers are SO many, that the words themselves do tend to get lost a little in the resulting swirl of sound. You might not catch them all the first time around – but don’t forget that’s every reason to replay the cut and have another listen, or two, or many more…like I have at this point. “Dynamite” is a ton of fun and has a wicked vibe that’s impossible not to catch onto and groove on. Smooth, inventive, sweet & playful in its rubbery-bounce and charismatic charm – michellesotrill has done extremely well here on this new single, and she ends the song with extraordinary beauty and grace.

Find out more about michellesotrill at her official page at Twitter: https://twitter.com/michellesotrill

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