Mexico City Heartbreak – “Bad Dreams”

 Mexico City Heartbreak – “Bad Dreams”

Mexico City Heartbreak – “Bad Dreams” – Music Video Release/Review

Alrighty…I pushed play on this video and immediately began to search out what I could learn about Mexico City Heartbreak.  It was the kind of frantic quest for knowledge based on pure NEED at that point – this new single “Bad Dreams” was practically made for my playlists…I had to know more about these guys!  As it turns out…beyond being fairly recent to the scene, four-pieces strong, and based out of L.A., I found out very little in my search…which is fair for a newer band…all I know is that I wanna know a whole lot more after hearing this shiny new tune of theirs…this is the Alt/Indie/Pop sound done right.

Your song is stuck in my head…

I know they’re not exactly singing about what’s happening to us personally as we listen, but that line in the song becomes equally true for us all once we’ve heard the hooks & melody on Mexico City Heartbreak’s “Bad Dreams.”   This WILL get stuck in your head, and you’ll thank them for such a wonderful problem…having this tune on repeat in my brain all day for this past week or so has certainly been welcome over here, that much I can tell ya for sure.  What’s not to love?  The musicianship is spot-on, the vocals are perfection, the structure & songwriting is flawless, straight-up, and the execution from every angle you can examine is professional, passionate, and delivered with genuine sincerity.

In short, I’m all about it…and I’m very excited about what I hear in Mexico City Heartbreak so far.  If “Bad Dreams” is the measurement, the standard, the blueprint for what’s to follow…this band is in great shape for the future and bound to find the following their music deserves.  The verses of “Bad Dreams” are LOADED with hooks to begin with…hearing this band raise the stakes even further with the melody they surge through the chorus with, the incredible break-down & bring-back that this song has, and the unwavering commitment to creating a charismatic, charming, and compelling cut has completely paid off – this is one seriously single-worthy tune.  Absolutely memorable, played & performed with heart, radiant sound, tangible emotional contrast between the lyrics & music that works wonders, sweetness in the vocals your ears will love…I’m a massive fan of what Mexico City Heartbreak is starting up here.

I feel like this band is going to go on and put out a great many songs that we’re sure to consider awesome over these next years to come…”Bad Dreams” is more than excellent, and if this is what they’re busting out at the beginning of their career…they’re in for an incredibly bright future in music.

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