Messengers Of Compassion – “Imagine Peace”

 Messengers Of Compassion – “Imagine Peace”

Really interesting ideas behind the writing of this song with messages the world could truly benefit from hearing right now – for the full effect, it’s highly recommended that you give a watch to the video for “Imagine” by John Lennon, which is what “Imagine Peace” by Messengers Of Compassion is essentially written in response to and inspired by.  Well…that and a clear mission to encourage the good in this world through their music, that’s gotta be a daily part of their inspiration & motivation for sure.  All-in-all, they’ve taken a really rad and innovative approach to songwriting that resonates with its uniqueness in sound and core themes of its sentiments – plus they’ve got a video that really supports the ideas in this song with beautiful & serene scenery to match the intentions of the messages within this tune.  Check it out for yourself and have a watch/listen of the new single/video for “Imagine Peace” from Messengers Of Compassion below!

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