Meshach Abednego – “Everlasting Light”

 Meshach Abednego – “Everlasting Light”

Meshach Abednego – “Everlasting Light” – Single Review

There are very few artists out there right now that can bring a smile to my face like this guy does.  We’ve covered much of Meshach’s music here on our pages in the past…and no matter the song, pass or fail, he’s always managed to really impress me with his genuine sincerity & authenticity.  Meshach is a true artist by its very definition…he takes chances with his art, sound and music courageously and through cover-songs quite often offers a completely different take on the original idea.

Such is the case here on “Everlasting Light” – but there’s an extremely heartwarming twist to this one; he’s playing this one for his family…and the supporting video echoes this sweet sentiment with excellent visuals and real clips of moments shared with his loved ones.  Often using the original audio from the video-clips mixed into the music as he plays…it all makes for one incredible experience…a truly beautiful one.

I’ll put it to you this way…I have absolutely next to no use for The Black Keys – but I like what Meshach has done here.  When I say next to no use, keep in mind, there are still a few songs of theirs that I dig & he also happened to pick one of the few from the band’s extensive catalog that I truly do enjoy…so maybe there’s a bit of an advantage in that…maybe.  I’d honestly argue that it makes next to no difference at all, because Meshach’s version is so completely different, as always.  What I can’t quite honestly say for sure is whether or not I’d have liked this song or felt its emotion as much as I do without the video…the shots of his beautiful family in moments of pure joy, love and celebration add so much to this song overall – personally I’m glad we don’t have to separate these ideas from each other today…this song/video came to us as one, and for me – that’s the way that this needs to be experienced…together.

I love the guitar and Meshach’s creaky & real style…he really does play this one beautifully and makes sure to add the subtle complexity of the main-riff in gently…and I think he nails it here with its tone and sound.  And though there are a few of the audio-samples that come through with a bit more air in the mix comparatively…I dunno…I felt really willing to give that a pass in my mind for how much these different clips add to the track.  For the most-part, they sit perfectly in the mix of the song and add so much pure heart into “Everlasting Light” that it will inspire you, make you smile…make you pause for a moment to appreciate your own loved ones…make you hug and hold them close.  It’s the kind of song that celebrates the beauty of being alive and being able to experience life together like we’re all part of one gorgeous story we can reach out and touch.

It was performed and covered for family…and its shining-star is truly the family element in the video.  I think the comforting sound of the rasp of Meshach’s voice suits this track extremely well…I continue to be a supporter of the wildness in his vocal-performances and creative choices he makes in his music.  But above all things…I truly admire him…

…because you look at a video & listen to a song like this…and you can’t help but realize that Meshach is the richest man on earth.  The pure joy that you’ll feel in watching this video and experiencing this song through Meshach’s signature-style will actually make your planet a better place – I’m not even remotely kidding in saying that.  Absolutely one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve seen/heard in music all-year long – I can see/hear that there’s a way for everyone to truly fall in love with “Everlasting Light” one way or the other.  Heartwarming, comforting, wonderful tones to the guitar and the contrasting heavy rasp of Meshach’s soulful voice all make for a great listen…but video-wise, his family steals the show entirely…it’s all such a stunningly beautiful experience visually…beautifully unforgettable.

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