Megadon – “Play My Jazz”

 Megadon – “Play My Jazz”

Megadon – “Play My Jazz” – Music Video Post

Not a doubt in my mind after having a listen to Megadon’s single called “Play My Jazz” that this dude is among the very best of us, and that his knowledge in the history of music would certainly make my own pale by comparison.  As in, this dude knows his shit y’all – pay attention!  I learned things by listening to this cut, and I can’t imagine there’d be too many of us out there in this world that wouldn’t pick up a nugget of knowledge or two along the way as they listen to this brilliantly crafted slice of real Hip-Hop that takes you on a full tour of the history of Jazz.

The single itself might have come out about four years ago, but quite clearly, this track is still fresh as it gets – and now it’s got a stellar video put together to support it onscreen, released just this past week or so.  Starring Tasha Digital, aka Analog Lady – you’ll go from the record shop at HiFi Records in Astoria, NY – and they’ll take you straight on a shopping trip, with Megadon name-checkin’ the true greatest of the greats along the way.  I have been insanely addicted to this track from the moment I spun it for the very first time…and I’m ready to put virtual grooves in this digital file y’all – I really don’t know that an idea or the results of an extremely clever concept can get any better than what you’ll find “Play My Jazz” offers.

The fact that you can get THIS much knowledge in less than three-minutes time, and find a song THIS amazing to listen to, with a video that authentically suits it from start to finish so perfectly…I mean, it’s not only rare, it’s essentially what makes diggin’ through those crates for sonic gems entirely worth it.

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