McDowell School, Chicago – “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok”

 McDowell School, Chicago – “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok”

Can’t think of a better way to start the day than with an uplifting combination of music & message like McDowell School in Chicago has created with this single & video for “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok” – this is wonderful, straight up!  Not only will you experience a genuinely stunning array of localized talent from right there in the heart of Chicago through both the music & vocals, but you’ll hear one of the most important & relevant reminders we all need to resonate in our minds these days – “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok.”  As they’ll tell ya themselves, “anxiety is a reality” – and that’s #truth right there y’all – but equally true is the main refrain, “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok” – and through the inspired performance you’ll find from this passionate group over at McDowell School there, you really end up feeling this tune, knowing that the players & singers involved truly feel it too.  A beautiful example of using music to educate, and creating art for the greater good – this whole collaborative effort beams with sincerity, and as a result, every note they sing & play authentically connects to soothe the mind, body, and soul.  Stocked with plenty of visual advice in the video along the way to promote mental health, self-awareness, and our well-being – this De’Ray Production right here has that audible sunshine you wanna hear in the mix that you know leads towards brighter days, just by having a listen.  Check it out for yourself and have a spin through the new video for “It’s Ok Not To Be Ok” below – full respect to McDowell School of Chicago, they’ve got a sweet single here, with all the best of intentions.

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