Maverick Gaither – “Gratitude”

 Maverick Gaither – “Gratitude”

Maverick Gaither – “Gratitude” – Music Video Release/Review

After you give the latest single from soulful singer Maverick Gaither, you’ll likely come to the same conclusion that the man in charge here must’ve graduated with honors from the esteemed school of Pendergrass & White.  Can’t you picture/hear Maverick over there chillin’ with Teddy and Barry?  He’d fit right into that crowd of smooth R&B/Soul singers that knew how to create the mood.

Impressive stuff without a doubt, you can hear that Maverick is definitely feeling this vibe he’s created, and by the very nature of “Gratitude” and his lyricism, it’s pretty obvious he’s a lover, not a fighter.  This is one of those ‘turn the lights down low’ song that does such a good job of setting up a night to flow that the ‘move’ you’re planning on make will practically make itself!  At the very least, you’ve got yourself the ultimate in musical wingmen here with Maverick keeping the atmosphere stocked full of the special magic that makes those romantic moments come to life…so turn this up, he’s got your back.

Through his own tale of love on “Gratitude,” Maverick does a fantastic job on the mic and sings with precision, passion, professionalism & power…the four Ps that all add up to two more – perfect performance.  Whether you’re inside or outside of R&B/Soul as a genre, a fantastic, committed & focused artist can always bring you in to their world by making the most of every moment when it comes time to push record, and I’d certainly vouch for the fact that Maverick has given this track his all.  “Gratitude” SOUNDS thankful…sounds appreciative…sounds exactly like everything its title would imply, both through his descriptive words and through the light-hearted & sweet vibe that runs through the music.  It’s a genuine FEEL GOOD track…whether you started in that mood or not is almost entirely irrelevant – by the time Maverick is done with you on “Gratitude,” you WILL be smilin’ & feeling all-around better about your whole DAY.  That…is what great music can do…in any genre, no matter what you normally like.  Finding real artists with authentic passion in their music & especially vocals has always been what I’ve personally made sure our pages are all about – and in that respect, I feel like Maverick Gaither fits right in here.  I might spend a lot of my time in Rock & Electro-music these days as a result of what’s out there, but I’ve always got time for music in any genre when it’s done right like this.

What I really liked was that “Gratitude” wastes zero time getting the vibe going and continually entertains through a consistent energy and uplifting attitude to the music & melody from moment one.  Maverick is wonderfully committed to his performance, strong in every note of his range, but most importantly, sings with real personality you can hear – the kind of qualities that will help to set him apart from the rest in his genre.  The mix & production are all perfectly in-line to support him, his vocals remain the star and you’ll hear awesomeness in the lead, backing and harmonies throughout “Gratitude.”  Hooks are strong, which I think you can hear in the bouncy flow of the melody, doesn’t just come from the way they’re written, but clearly enhanced and brought to life vibrantly by the way that Maverick sings them.

I really like this guy & I’d definitely be interested in hearing what else he comes up with.  There’s a real respect for the old-school of R&B/Soul here, and a timeless magic in the entire sound of “Gratitude” to go with it.  Maverick’s clearly confident and extremely capable as a singer & all-around entertainer and I feel like you can hear the amount of care that’s been put into making his new single sparkle from every angle.  Get those candles lit, put on “Gratitude” and grab that special someone of yours…see if the magic don’t just start to happen around you…I’m willing to bet that it does!

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