Maryon – “Hustler”

 Maryon – “Hustler”

Maryon – “Hustler” – Single Review

We all might have to be ready to embrace a whole lotta changes in 2021.

Take myself for example…a guy born Grunge.  So far, I’ve had to reckon with the fact that the two songs I’ve been most addicted to early on this year are a Country song called “’83” by a dude named Jonny James, and this absolutely incredible Pop song called “Hustler” by this young superstar named Maryon.  I ain’t gonna lie to ya folks, it’s probably not how I expected to start my year, but I’m insanely happy about it.  If I told you just how many times I’ve spun this single already, you’d never be able to believe I had the extra minutes in a day to be listening to anything else really.  Maryon’s a “Hustler” for sure – she’s hustled me right outta my normal patterns and into the shiny world of badass empowered Pop – and believe me when I say, you’re not gonna find any complaints from me here today in this review.

In fact, if you tuned into the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, chances are, you already heard a lot on what I have to say about Maryon and the many credentials she’s got on her resume by the age of only 23.  You might have heard me mention the fact that she’s written with giants like Afrojack and Tiesto…and there’s even more incredible stuff I didn’t even get a chance to tell ya, like the fact that she took in well more than a quarter million streams on her 2017 single “You,” which is seriously impressive to say the very least!  Above all things, the most stunning fact may very well be that she’s somehow managed to stay OUT of the spotlight for the past four years while she’s been working behind the scenes and helping other artists with their own dreams & music – Maryon is a born entertainer; I won’t even need to make the case for her once you hear “Hustler” & see the video for yourself – it’ll be understood.  Understood by you, understood by your neighbors, understood by people you’ve never even met and likely never will – I’m tellin’ ya directly that anyone with a pair of ears and a solitary ounce of good musical taste can hear Maryon’s talent, 100%.

When you look up ‘bulletproof hooks’ or ‘single-worthy’ songs on the internet through your Google machines, don’t be surprised if you pull up “Hustler” by Maryon in the process of your search – this is the audible definition of both, and all at once.  This is her first single in four years y’all – and to witness a comeback THIS inspired, this flawless, this professional, and this accessible…is genuinely something to behold – this is a moment to be extremely proud of if you’re Maryon.  Obviously, as I’ve pointed out already on the SBS Podcast and here on the pages today, she’s never let her connection to the industry slide or stop during her time away, but you still gotta acknowledge that, if you have spent four years away from putting out your own material, to have a comeback like this…is nothing short of extraordinary.  It sounds like Maryon hasn’t spent a moment away from the microphone – she’s electric.  Singers & artists can search lifetimes for the confidence, songwriting, and vocals she’s got & never even end up discovering half the talent, skill, and craft she has.  I mentioned she’s only 23 years old right?

You tell me that I’m not enough on my own.”  Powerful line.  While I’d like to think maybe that’s her own unfortunately unique scenario – I think there’s a great many of you out there that have also been told something similar in your lifetime…maybe about your music, your career, or just who you are.  And as much as this track is clearly about Maryon summoning that confidence to know that she IS enough on her own – she’s a force to be reckoned with y’all – “Hustler” is also the empowering anthem that so many of us need to hear…to be reminded that we’re all worth something special in our own unique way.  You put this single on as the soundtrack for your day, and see if it doesn’t fuel you with enough energy to go out there and conquer the world in whatever way you can – because THAT is the inspired feeling that this song from Maryon will provide ya with.  Relentlessly catchy, meaningful, thought-provoking, and refreshingly real inside of the flashy world of Pop – it’s by diving deep into her own authentic feelings and emotions surrounding external opinions on her self-worth & value, that she’s really come out sounding stronger than ever, defiantly powerful & ready to prove any doubters out there to be completely wrong about what she’s truly capable of.  She doesn’t need people like me to tell her that she IS more than enough on her own – she already knows and believes this now, and rightly she should.

Combined with the stellar video she’s put together to support her new single, it really felt like we all get to know a lot about Maryon through this one song alone, and through what you see onscreen, we can confirm that the passion, energy, soul, and unstoppable attitude is completely real.  The X-factor is undeniable in Maryon – she radiates what great music is all about and has a brilliant understanding of what makes it sincerely connect to us as listeners, even in the glitzy realm of Pop – and that ain’t easy!  She’s verifiable proof that there’s so much more to be explored in the genre itself by keeping it real and not giving in to the tendencies of superficial sound & meaningless music – Maryon’s a “Hustler” that knows what she wants to get out of this life, and she’s got the confidence, courage & skill to go after it.

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