Marta Karis – “Believe”

 Marta Karis – “Believe”

Marta Karis – “Believe” – Single Review

Singer/songwriter Marta Karis has a real winner on her hands with her new single & video for “Believe.”  Shot in Torö Stenstrand, Stockholm – the imagery in the video is as beautiful as the music itself, together combining for a completely dreamy experience to look at & listen to.  She’s going with a description of ambient alternative pop…I can get behind that…that’s pretty accurate and definitely hints at many of the strong elements in sound that you’ll find throughout “Believe.”  I’d have gone with putting Marta’s sound somewhere in the middle of Hooverphonic and Portishead…not quite as dark as Portishead but certainly as artistic in nature and definitely possessing that theatrical sound of the trip-hop vibe.  Doesn’t really matter where you’d categorize it or end up putting it in your file folders – bottom line is this is a freakin’ fantastic debut single.

Did you catch it up on the main page the other day?  I can see that some of you did…but in case you missed the initial posting of the video-release in our special reports section – check it out for yourself below!

So there you go!  We’re all on the same page now right?  Marta Karis has a BEAUTIFUL song here with “Believe” that is bound to gain her music the attention & recognition it deserves.  In my opinion…the bands I compared her to earlier in mentioning Hooverphonic and Portishead…well…I also think that both of those bands happened to be before their time.  I think the time for a sound like Karis has is absolutely right here, right now…when people are looking for something different but with enough hook, pull, sincerity and emotion to connect to our souls & soothe them.  Music has long had a history of bringing tremendous relief to those that need it – “Believe” that this is the kind of song that can absolutely put your mind at ease and allow your imagination to drift into a truly beautiful space & sound.

Highly anticipated, Marta Karis’ new song “Believe” was just released on May 12th and it’s already racking up thousands-upon-thousands of views & listens for plenty of good reasons.  The music itself is extraordinary…full of gorgeously flowing textures & tones that create an all-encompassing atmosphere that wraps around you like a warm hug.  Karis’ dreamlike vocals fit absolutely perfectly into the music here…she’s given fantastic space to both; you really get a chance to appreciate the music itself just as much as we do the vocals of its feature star.  All-in-all though, you gotta hand it to Karis for really getting everything RIGHT here in her stunning debut…she sounds absolutely mystifying & angelic and all at the same time!  Many artists can search for forever trying to locate something this brilliant throughout their entire career and never even find their ‘moment’ – yet here Marta is starting out her journey on the most solid of ground, breaking through quickly with a gem of a song in “Believe.”  That’s really part of the excitement on this side of the screen here…I’m STOKED on what I’m hearing from Karis on “Believe” and to think that we’re just now scratching the surface of her music…is mind-blowing.  With the versatile nature of her ambient electro alternative trip-hop pop (how’s THAT for a new genre folks!) she is going to find that opportunities exist almost everywhere she turns her head in terms of where she’ll be able to place & play her music.  From television & film soundtracks to playlists worldwide – she’s got a wonderfully accessible sound, vibe & style that is sure to lead her to success without a doubt.

“Believe” moves slowly, gracefully and absolutely beautifully.  Marta Karis should be extraordinarily proud of her effort and her new single…because this really is fantastic and delivers on every front.  I wouldn’t change a thing about the song, or the stunning video!  LOVE the dreamy visuals and beach-view we get in the video for “Believe” and how well it complements the sound of the song itself.  The editing is equally fantastic and watching the glitches & transitions from scene to scene made every second of this video worthwhile to watch, providing an extraordinary song with the high-impact visuals that it deserved.

I suppose I could have just said ‘Marta Karis is the complete package,’ put down my pen and went home.  Pretty sure you get the idea by now!  She’s absolutely an artist to watch, listen to and experience – and she’s got a seriously bright future ahead of herself if she continues on this path she’s started.  Not too many debuts come out this sparkling on a first time out – every hand involved with this song & video deserve a huge high-five for a job incredibly well done, sincerely.

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