Mario Anastasi – “Seize The Moment”

 Mario Anastasi – “Seize The Moment”

Mario Anastasi – “Seize The Moment” – Music Video Release/Review

The gentle chords of Mario Anastasi’s acoustic guitar ring out sweetly in the air and hang delicately in the atmosphere on his insightful single “Seize The Moment.”  Beautiful intentions make themselves known quickly through the lyricism – and a quick read through Mario’s social-media pages online certainly confirms that he’s making music designed to inspire us all in some way, shape, or form.  He’s an artist seeking to encourage the rest of the world to go and live their own dreams by leading by example…and I think you gotta admire that.  “Seize The Moment” is as much a reflection of the values that inspire him personally & creatively as it is a dreamy reminder to take hold of your own potential and make the most out of each & every second you have in this lifetime.

It’s a soothing tune that’ll speak to a whole lot of people out there.  In a folk/acoustic/easy-listening style, Mario delivers precisely & flawlessly as he creates the tender threads that tie this song together, singing boldly with heart & exceptional tone as he questions, observes, and waxes poetically through his thought-provoking lyrics.  Thought-provoking in a great way mind you – “Seize The Moment” is the kind of tune that’s built to make you reflect nostalgically on where you’ve been, what you’ve experienced, and what you’ve accomplished – but most importantly, makes you realize just how crucial it is to embrace everything life has to offer you & still be creating new memories & achievements of your own day by day.

I think Mario’s got a very inviting sound & style that helps boost the message in “Seize The Moment” fantastically…there’s a distinct mix of charm & wisdom in this song that really floats you off adrift into your own thoughts and allows you to form your own personal attachments to what this single is all about and how that pertains to your own life specifically.  We can see in the stunning scenery of the video & hear in the emotions & melody of the song just how much a message like this sincerely applies to Mario – he’s definitely seized his own moment and made sure it counts by putting his heart & soul into his art – and as a result, he’ll absolutely inspire others to do the same.

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