Margarita Shamrakov – “I Love Mukbang”

 Margarita Shamrakov – “I Love Mukbang”

Everything in moderation, including moderation.” – Oscar Wilde

UNLESS it comes to enjoying LIFE – when it comes to that, we fully recommend you take everything right to the limits & beyond.  Artist Margarita Shamrakov gets it…you can tell right from the words I’ve got here in my notes that are some of my favorite tidbits of information I think we might have ever received with a song of any kind.  The notes on the new single “I Love Mukbang” read:  “It’s a song about wanting to indulge in life, and wanting to be free.  However, it is hard.  If you eat too much you will become sick, if you drink too much you become sick.  Extremes are very seductive.  I struggle with this.”  Chances are, many of you out there can relate to what Margarita is saying there – especially you fans/producers of mukbang videos out there on the internet – but overall, the theory applies to us all in some way, shape, or form when it comes to diving deep into what we truly love & trying to find that balance where our passions don’t completely consume us.  I get it, I get it – this all sounds pretty serious & philosophical written out here on the page, but there’s a whole lot of fun to be found in “I Love Mukbang” as well.  From the enticingly unique strangeness in the vocal samples used for the main hooks, to the bold & beautiful sound of Margarita’s vocals laden with effects in the verses bouncing from the lefts to the rights, to the bright up-tempo energy, rhythms & grooves in the atmosphere & aura of the music, Shamrakov has clearly found a clever way to turn one passion into another.  Finding metaphorical inspiration in mukbang’n that actually reflects on how we approach life & rabidly devour what we love the most.  Check out the celebratory vibes & sound of Margarita Shamrakov’s “I Love Mukbang” for yourself below!

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