Marcelo Camela – “Make Life Look Beautiful”

 Marcelo Camela – “Make Life Look Beautiful”

Marcelo Camela – “Make Life Look Beautiful” – Single Review


I mean…don’t go dropping the balloons just yet, it’s still November, let’s not be silly and get ahead of ourselves – I’m just saying, you’ve got something incredible to look forward to next year when the brand-new record from guitarist Marcelo Camela called Melodies In Motion comes out in 2019.  Mark your calendars dear readers, dear friends – it’s been incubating and refined over the past three years since we first heard his jaw-dropping musicianship on the Christmas album Celebrate The King in 2015.

How good is he you ask?  I don’t like Christmas albums & dread that time of year.  And I loved his record.

Personally, I’m absolutely stoked to have this guy back in our speakers…he’s truly a phenomenal talent.  And such a humble guy behind the scenes it would blow your mind.  After three years away, he genuinely wondered if I’d still remember him; and after what I’d heard before, I wondered how anyone wouldn’t!  Marcelo Camela is truly gifted beyond words when it comes to guitar – I couldn’t forget him.

What has in the past and likely always will be a major factor in why Marcelo’s got such an impressive sound goes beyond the skill into a genuine connection to music unlike many you’ll find.  He’s able to infuse authentic joy and an uplifting spirit into his guitar in ways you can absolutely hear in the end results – and “Make Life Look Beautiful,” his lead-single from the upcoming record, exemplifies this aspect of listening to Camela’s music perfectly.  It’s the kind of inspired & passionate playing that adds true energy into your day like the sun does with all that vitamin-D goodness…it radiates the sincere love he has for guitar and his own earnest efforts to create music that is universally enjoyable to all listening.

That’s right – I said ALL.  Not only to the guitarists out there, or people who love their Satch, Vai, or Johnson – the appeal of Camela’s music actually stands a chance of being much more accessible to many people out there.  The captivating & charming sounds he creates through his instrumentation speak sweetly to the heart & soul – you feel the music that Marcelo makes, because you know he does as well.  That’s certainly the case once again on “Make Life Look Beautiful,” you can always hear the immaculate connection between him, the melody, and the music, which is why we completely hear it too – the passion, precision, and skill he plays with…the HEART he puts into his performances…is immeasurable.  And obviously, I mean this in the best of ways…I mean, it’s pretty much impossible to even entertain the idea of a negative thought while listening to Marcelo’s music, let alone somehow actually having one.

Here’s my favorite twist in this whole scenario though…because we’ve covered the musicianship, talent, and history somewhat for you already…but I want to share one more fun little tidbit of information with you that completely ties into all of what I’ve said and pointed out.  At its core, “Make Life Look Beautiful” is written about ‘music/faith/anything positive that helps you appreciate life’ – those are Marcelo’s words quoted directly for you, concerning the creation of this brand-new tune.

Well let me tell you what makes ME appreciate LIFE Mr. Camela, above all other things…

…amazing music.  That’s what gets me out of bed each and every day, to discover talents like yours and songs like this that we can all share the joy in, and connect to.  So the real twist becomes, “Make Life Look Beautiful” is at least partially about (or fully about, depending on your own individual perspective) how music might be something that helps you appreciate your life, and that’s exactly what this song completely accomplishes by listening to it.  It might be cliché to say it, but I truly feel more alive when listening to Marcelo’s music, I remember that before and I certainly feel it again now.  “Make Life Look Beautiful” was a fantastic reminder of just how good this guy truly is & how great it is to have him back; he doesn’t just “Make Life Look Beautiful,” he makes it SOUND that way too.

So I know what I’m going to do.  I’m going to spin “Make Life Look Beautiful” over and over and over until we get to January when the rest of Melodies In Motion arrives to start the New Year off on all the right notes.  Believe me, it will – the fantastic tones & talent of Marcelo Camela never miss the mark.

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