Maniac Blac – “Concrete Island”

 Maniac Blac – “Concrete Island”

Maniac Blac – “Concrete Island” – Music Video Post

Ayyyyyy let’s get this man MOVIN’ folks – based on everything I’ve heard and seen in this single from Maniac Blac, we need a whole lot more music from this man right here.  A little bit of research will reveal that the track came out originally back around September of last year…the video followed in 2022 back in March – and the exceptional quality you’ll find at the roots of “Concrete Island” both visually and audibly will have you craving that next single from Maniac Blac, whenever he wants to put one out y’all.

From the clear skillset he’s got rockin’ the m-i-c syllable for syllable, pound for pound – Maniac Blac delivers rhymes that hit hard with the impact of what’s REAL…the beat’s tight, and the visuals he’s got in the video are stylistically suited to the next-level vibes this man’s droppin’ on ya.  From the history of what he’s been through to become the artist he is today, to observations on what’s happening on the streets around him & the history of Hip-Hop at-large – “Concrete Island” is a complete tale told through the eyes of an insightful artist with genuine perspective and wisdom you should certainly be paying attention to.  With extremely relevant sound built for fans of conscious Hip-Hop & legitimate Rap – Maniac Blac spits his thoughts with purpose, passion, and straight up professional precision – he’s the kind of artist that’s gonna have no problem at all moving up to the top of your playlists if “Concrete Island” is an indication of what he’s capable of.  He’s got “more tools in the shed” than most emcees you’re going to ever listen to in this lifetime – and “Concrete Island” is verifiable proof from sight to sound he’s got the skills to take over the game with Rap that means more, as he keeps you engaged & entertained & gets that respect put on his name by dropping nothing but non-stop quality through your speakers and screens on his debut single.

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