Maini – “Parting Of Our Way”

 Maini – “Parting Of Our Way”

Maini – “Parting Of Our Way” – Single Review

Alrighty then!  Lots of information out there regarding this new single from Maini called “Parting Of Our Way” – in particular the amount of hands involved in bringing this song to life was what I’d personally noticed right off the bat.  I’d assume it all gets traced back to original-composer/singer-songwriter Maini Sorri based-out of Sweden…and the ideas become continually collaborative from that point forward.

For instance…Maini composed the new single “Parting Of Our Way” – but she didn’t play it; that she left up to the extreme talents of ace-musician Orlando Mestre to provide.  Or another example: while Maini wrote the music and sang the song – she also chose not to do the recording on her own particular track and left that up to Janne Jutila.  Or how about ANOTHER twist for you in mentioning that while Maini ends up being the voice to this new song – the lyrics themselves were written by Gary Cornman.  Add in the guidance and expertise brought to the project by producer Brian Lanese and you’ve got the majority of the people involved in creating “Parting Of Our Way” from the ground up.  Impressive when you look at it in written form though isn’t it?  It’s kind of like ‘telephone-tag’ where each person whispers the next part of the song to the next artist involved and by the end, it’s all so much more different and unique from where it started; I enjoyed this collaboration of talents and mentally picturing how each artist fit into their place to write, play and record this new tune.

“Parting Of Our Way” ends up becoming quite the ride through a clever metal-melody that’s got a brilliant display of contrast between sweetness and the extreme.  Orlando Mestre of the USA slays the guitar-parts completely, flexing much musical-muscle, style, chops & skills…drums and synth-parts are all in line and the music itself is riotously entertaining throughout.  What perhaps impressed me most about “Parting Of Our Way” was how insightfully well the music works with the vocals; so now we’re talking about talented performers – but let’s not forget that someone out there, probably Maini, hand-picked these people to execute the vision of sound in-full – and that takes talent too.  Or rather, it’s only by the end result sometimes that we understand there was talent or care in the selection – and I think you can hear that there most certainly was in this particular case.  Orlando was a perfect choice to bring out the vibrant guitar-riffs and non-stop energy that fuels the music of “Parting Of Our Way” – and Maini is an equally-perfect choice to bring the lyrics/vocals to life through stunning contrast.

Not even kidding – I think her voice is a huge part of this song.  As a writer it can be tougher to ‘stay’ with a song when the words come out with certain gaps in what’s being communicated…and truthfully, there’s still a bit of that here on “Parting Of Our Way.”  The important emotions and thoughts are communicated effectively…but grammatically there’s a few spots that make this song tougher to absorb and a rhyme-scheme that when reading it on paper seems…well…almost too-rhymey!  This is where Maini comes in to save the day with her unique approach and stylistic vocals.  Don’t get me wrong…Gary’s done a pretty solid job on those lyrics and there’s no doubt he’s pulled something off in English a million times better than I could write anything in Swedish…so credit where credit is due, his ideas DO come across – but it’s the magic in Maini’s performance that makes these words come alive.  Her sweetened tones sound innocent, yet bold in the mix of the music around her voice…and the way that she sings this one makes what could have sounded too-rhymey become uniquely entertaining.

Overall…seriously interesting stuff here on “Parting Of Our Way” and a whole bunch of talents & skills contributing to a focused vision, writing and structure of this composition to execute it in the wildly-entertaining style & sound that I’m sure Maini had to have been going for to begin with.  I think it would be incredibly rewarding for a composer to hear the final versions of a song like this come to life…Maini certainly found the right people for the job to deliver maximum entertainment in under three-minutes on “Parting Of Our Way” – solid stuff.

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