MA – “Luv U Bad” Feat. Jonty & Marissa

 MA – “Luv U Bad” Feat. Jonty & Marissa

The man “from Guyana with the swagga” right here on our pages this morning to start the day up with a stellar new single called “Luv U Bad” featuring Jonty & Marissa in the mix supporting artist MA.  A vibrant dose of charisma & character – MA puts personality on display at all times – you can visibly see in the video expertly directed by Director Dex that he truly has a passion for entertainment, and you can hear in his voice he’s got just as much of a gift for melody.  Fueled by memorable hooks and the rhythmic flow of the main man on the m-i-c, MA leads this collaborative effort to victory with a brilliantly sincere & endearing approach to “Luv U Bad” that immediately has us all right in his corner as these three cruise to a solid win on the strength of their combined performances.  MA gives you exactly what he promises right from the drop – he’s got swagger & style for miles – it’s in his music, and it’s right there in the video for you to see through beautifully shot scenes that reveal his naturally appealing star-quality onscreen.  Dude’s got a ton going for him from the music to the microphone, and a crossover culturally-influenced vibe that’s bound to attract the attention of many ears all across the globe.  You know what we always say here at SBS – if you’re into it, then chances are, we all are too; it’s rare to see & hear an artist like MA that clearly loves, enjoys, and appreciates every moment he’s making music – and believe me when I say that when you do, you’ll find the spirited enthusiasm radiating in songs like “Luv U Bad” instantly becomes addictive in all the right ways.

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