M-SEE – Soulfood

 M-SEE – Soulfood

M-SEE – Soulfood – Official Album Press Release

Drawing on intense emotions and experiences from personal-life and translating his thoughts & feelings into music and melody with therapeutic-vibes – innovative solo-artist M-SEE has official released his latest album Soulfood to the world-awaiting in December of 2015. Mixing positive-messages and uplifting-beats & rhythms – M-SEE communicates through music at an extraordinarily down-to-earth and relatable-level that everyone can find some comfort in.

On the new album Soulfood, M-SEE has made his most creative, stunning and memorable material to-date with songs that are as thought-provoking as they are heartfelt and genuine in their intent to help heal the mind, body & soul through the music and lyrics. With a blend of smooth-tones and atmospheres that combine rhythmic-elements of R&B, Hip-Hop & Electro-music into insatiable-grooves that pull you in through the wide-range of intense-emotions and wild-dynamics – M-SEE has never sounded better, more committed or more sincere than you’ll find him on the new Soulfood album.

All the hard-work, all the effort, all the care in the music’s precision & production has all been made for something specific…for YOU. All the advice and the personal observations…the reflections on life and what makes it truly REAL…it’s all an attempt to reach you on another-level and bring comfort to your world through relatable thoughts, experiences and observations all geared to make you think. M-SEE is at his creative-best on the Soulfood album and the empowering words & sounds are audibly-guaranteed to feed your mind.

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