Luna Carina – “Virtue” Feat. Liya / “Leave Me Light” Feat. Tink Beadle & George Ryan

 Luna Carina – “Virtue” Feat. Liya / “Leave Me Light” Feat. Tink Beadle & George Ryan

Luna Carina – “Virtue” Feat. Liya / “Leave Me Light” Feat. Tink Beadle & George Ryan – Singles Review

Well this collaborative-minded crew is destined to bring an audible ray of shine to any playlist out there.

That’s not an opinion dear readers, dear friends…that’s a certifiable face I’m layin’ down for ya, feel free to quote me – Luna Carina should have no problem at all finding an audience with the music they’re making.  I’ve got two cuts from their upcoming album Lily in review today…one called “Virtue” that is already out there with its own video to support it, and one single that’s due to come out February 25th just around the corner from now – so if you’re reading this, you get the early scoop on what to expect.  You’re welcome!  Not sure how many of you have noticed yet, but this is kinda what I do – so enjoy!

From what I gather & what I’ve read…sounds like Luna Carina is more or less centered around two highly capable musicians in Jacob & Jack, who both play multiple roles within the band.  You’ve got Jacob who handles the guitar, bass, synths & production, and you’ve got Jack, who plays guitar & draws stuff.  Okay it’s a bit more involved than simply ‘stuff’ – it’s like…an essential part of this band’s quickly growing identity…and long-term, quite honestly, details like what Jack can provide through his art will really help to establish real recognition for Luna Carina over time if they play their cards right.  *cough *cough – just sayin.’  We’re at a real point in music’s culture where the more depth & dimension you can put into everything that comes along with your music from social media to artwork to videos & interacting with your listeners online & whatnot, that the effort is genuinely being appreciated & revered by listeners.  So make no mistake – not only is Jack essential in what he brings to the band on a musical-level, he’ll be a major part of what moves them forward & establishes their identity out there in this scene we share.  As for Jacob…I think it becomes crystal clear instantaneously in listening to these two singles I’ve got that the guy is clearly a genius and has a genuine gift for making music that authentically connects – for what’s essentially a two-man crew, you’ll be mighty impressed by how fully realized their whole sound is.  That being said, of course they’ve got the advantage of having guest-stars appear along with them, which helps provide additional diversity in what they’re both creating now & will go on to create – as I understand it, Luna Carina has a wide-open door policy when it comes to collaborating – call’em up!

What I can tell ya is this – Luna Carina is starting off on remarkably solid ground and go about this entire music thing the right way, with the right attitude & mindset that leads to success beyond description.  Maybe it’s chart-topping world-domination, or maybe it’s a complete collection of artistic endeavors that’ll be highly rewarding for the soul to create – maybe it’s both – maybe it’s something even more.  The point is, they’ve got all the right pieces in place to find success however they choose to define it, and when you hear the immaculately warm & inviting way they’ve invited us all in to listen through their debut single “Virtue” featuring the stunningly smooth & soulful vocals of Liya, you’ll know I’ve been speaking nothing but the truth here.  They’ve got the skill, they’ve got the sound, they’ve got the energy that listeners absolutely respond to – and c’mon now y’all…they’ve got hooks that work brilliantly from the music to the microphone goin’ on in this first single of theirs, straight outta the gate.  Downright irresistible if you ask me!  The balance is as superb & fantastic as you’d ever hope to find…not even remotely kidding, your ears will be doing their level best to absorb both the music & vocals at the same time, because both have SO MUCH to offer ya that you won’t wanna miss out on a solitary second.  I’ll remind ya that’s what the repeat button is for my friends…don’t panic – turn it up several times instead!  A perfect combination of spirited & sweetened sound combined, Luna Carina is makin’ magic with Liya on “Virtue” and I’d be much more shocked to find out someone out there didn’t like it than the other way around, you know what I mean?  The incredible amount of natural charm and sparkling universal appeal in the vibes of “Virtue” would be something we’d all agree on – this song FEELS good to listen to!

“Leave Me Light,” their brand-new single coming out just days from now, goes for a mellower groove and soulful infusion of vocal harmonies.  What I love about it, instantly, is the fact that the quality in this tune is every bit as good as the first, and we’re talking about fairly different styles & approaches to this second cut when it comes right down to it.  Bass-lines ON-POINT y’all…Jacob’s kickin’ up a storm over there…and musically, I’d say that’s probably the main standout element alongside the atmospheric synth sounds you’ll find guiding the dreamy melody along otherwise.  There’s an argument to be made that “Leave Me Light” is made with a bit more of a minimalist design, but I’d argue they’ve achieved maximum results from the choices they’ve made.  It’s a more chilled-out vibe, yes – but at the same time, I’m not hearing anything less enticing, interesting, sparkling or shining than we heard in “Virtue” – we’re talkin’ more about mood, demeanor, and pace making the main differences…”Leave Me Light” has a more spacious, dreamy, and spread out sound, that’s all.  Ain’t nothing wrong with that if you can make it work, and there’s not a single thing about this cut that doesn’t once again speak strongly on behalf of what this collaborative crew is capable of.  With Tink Beadle & George Ryan joining Jacob & Jack for this brand-new track, Luna Carina finds that inherent uniqueness in what they do by opening the door to these kinds of creative collaborations, and you can hear in just two singles back-to-back how that gives them the ability to shift their sound and expand on what they’re building in their band even further.  They’re drifting sweetly towards the sonic terrain you’d find in say, the first couple of Zero 7 albums.  It’s catchy in a different way of its own apart from “Virtue,” and it’s even a bit light-funk/jazzy for ya…add in the dazzling allure & charm of the vocals you’ll find in the thick of the song’s main hooks, and you’ll feel that connection to “Leave Me Light” – Luna Carina has got something really special goin’ on that’s equally satisfying to the soul on an artistic & creative level, and ultimately, that seems to generate a whole bunch of sound you’re sure to love, 100%.

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