Luna 13

 Luna 13

Bass/Metal duo Luna 13 makes it in the ‘Metal’ bestselling top 5!

Could a Bass Music project debut as one of the Amazon top 5 bestsellers under the Metal category?  The answer is yes, as demonstrated by the eclectic, innovative duo Luna 13.  Their latest release G.O.A.T. Witch, published by Cleopatra Records, overtook Ghost B.C., and Behemoth on the very day of its release, falling short of Five Finger Death Punch’s And Justice for None only.

Their success isn’t so unexpected, as the duo worked hard on live shows and managed to bring their theatrical, brutal and controversial performances on the biggest stages of California, a fact that certainly helped them gain some deserved attention.  But how did metal fans react to this new project?

Some really liked us,” Dr. Luna, producer and one half of the duo explains, “and some didn’t.

The peculiar blend of metal, industrial and EDM employed by Luna 13 can certainly cause astonishment, especially among metal purists. Their creativity, though, is undeniable.

A few metal bands are against us,” Dr. Luna adds, “and a couple of them even called us ‘posers’ and stated “electronica is NOT Metal.” We are not ‘posers’, we believe and live what we do. This is what we truly are and we are one of the heaviest projects out there right now.

Even Brian Perera, the president of Cleopatra Records, made the statement that Luna 13 lives and breathes their art.

It is impossible to label Luna 13 in one single way as their project is full of different elements and nuances. As real innovators, they constitute a menace in the musical world, often characterized by consolidated patterns and formulas.  Doing something new in a rather traditional environment can be a hard task, but not when you’re honest with yourself and your audience.   Luna 13’s connection to the music they compose and perform is authentic and this should be enough to give them credit for their great work.  With G.O.A.T. Witch debuting as number 2 on the Amazon Metal Top 5 bestsellers, Luna 13 shows no sign of braking.

We all look forward to seeing how this project will evolve!

Watch the brand-new video for Luna 13’s single “Devil’s Wrath” right here:


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