Luciole & Hicham Chahidi – “Dumaya”

 Luciole & Hicham Chahidi – “Dumaya”

Luciole & Hicham Chahidi – “Dumaya” – Single Review

Well now…this song ticks just about every box of awesomeness for the win as far as I’m concerned!

The crossover potential and ability for this set of worldly-sounds on “Dumaya” from Luciole & Hicham Chahidi to reach a massive audience is outright astounding, straight-up, full-stop.  Talk about being impressed from moment ONE – “Dumaya” immediately entices through a brilliantly captivating mix of stunning vocals & music that stays relentlessly entertaining & entirely gripping from beginning to end.

Honestly…what’s NOT to love about this incredible song?  The selection of sounds pouring through your speakers from the lefts to the rights are wildly innovative, powerfully enchanting, mysteriously melodic, and fantastically creative at all times.  Like a magnificent bridge between genres & styles, Luciole & Hicham Chahidi creep & crawl through a hybrid blend of World-Music and Trip-Hop, discovering a highly modern-day & relevant sound in “Dumaya” that’s completely a step ahead of the rest of what’s out there.  I’d go as far as to argue it’s exactly the kind of uniqueness that proves it’s always a great idea to keep your ears open to the possibility of new experiences of all kinds, all styles, all genres, all languages – because when you stumble upon a track as mesmerizing as “Dumaya” is, it makes it all so worthwhile.

Freakin’ spectacular folks…that’s exactly what “Dumaya” is, make no mistake.  There’s not a thing about it I’d change and not any advice I could give Luciole & Hicham Chahidi to make this song any more amazing than it already is right now.  The structure of the music moves with such a remarkably slick & fluid flow, adding in stunningly textured elements into the mix of low-end grooves & electro-melody driving the pace of “Dumaya” the whole way through.  Everything you’ll hear goes so much deeper than mere words or a description could ever provide you with – and according to the official post at YouTube, “Dumaya” contains “acoustic piano, zurna, electric bass, electric guitar, voice lead (Carole Verhaeghe), trombone, trumpet, drums, zurna, synthesizers and percussion” – believe me when I say your ears will want to absorb everything this wonderful smorgasbord of sound has to offer ya.  Because as impressive as any of the sounds in the music or vocals are, the mix & production of this track deserves a huge amount of credit for how “Dumaya” comes out so single-worthy in the final results as well.  The use of space, pace, and clarity will pretty much blow your mind with how professional & precise the placement of sound is throughout this song…it’s a master-class on fusion and contains a compelling mix of ideas that form into a wildly sensory experience that pops right out of your speakers in all the right ways.  As interesting as it is entertaining, “Dumaya” almost can’t help but keep your attention & ears locked onto it at all times – and as far as my own ears are concerned, I think they’ve created an award-winning song with this single.  The closest comparison I could make would be to some of the earlier cuts from Massive Attack…and even that’s a more rare part of their overall catalog, exploring more tribal-based ideas & sounds, often only in the hooks.  With this collage of incredible sounds that Luciole & Hicham Chahidi have woven into this amazing sonic-tapestry, you get an experience that immerses you into a low-end infused, authentically cultural creation that proudly embraces its spirit & style at all times, not just for a chorus.  And therein lies the real beauty in a song as strong as this one is – I don’t even understand a single, solitary word or what’s being sung here, but the melody on the microphone heads straight for the soul…you can feel these words, even if you don’t know what any of them mean yourself.  I’d probably be willing to argue that not knowing their meaning might even enhance this song’s captivating & hypnotic grip on you even more…”Dumaya” is the kind of single with the power to take you straight out of your world and drop you onto another planet of sound altogether.  Tracks with this much accessibility, uniqueness, culture, and professionalism combined are the reason I get out of bed each & every day – I’m absolutely loving this single from Luciole & Hicham Chahidi – “Dumaya” is next-level.

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