Luanne Hunt – “We Rise”

 Luanne Hunt – “We Rise”

Luanne Hunt – “We Rise” – Single Review

If you missed the last review we did on Luanne’s music and her record Season Of Grace at the end of April, you should make sure to check that out.  Ultimately, it provides a lot of context that reveals a lot about where she’s at today and how she got onto the path she’s on now – I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the story of starting over, but it’s sure a tale about a whole lotta changes.  Today we experience what you might call the next chapter of Luanne Hunt’s well-established career…and from the sounds of things, she might very well be entering into a couple of the most defining years to come for her so far.

Like…I don’t wanna put any pressure on the rest of you artists/bands out there…but…I mean…y’all DO realize that “We Rise” is now both the name of an organization and its official theme-song, yes?  Or how about this fun fact – Luanne’s currently in the process of producing an entire play about her LIFE – which in turn also serves as the vehicle to help launch the We Rise organization in an effort to provide women from all walks of life empowering opportunities to connect to each other, heal any wounds from the past, and build on their strengths by supporting one another.  So don’t get me wrong…if you’re out there and you’re struggling, you’re struggling – I get it…but by that same token…what exactly is the problem?  You can’t quite get the levels of the drums right on your new single?  The harmonies of your latest tune ain’t comin’ out right?  Excuse me folks…I’m not saying those aren’t issues, clearly they are – but Luanne’s trying to get a whole organization off the ground here, know what I mean?

The point is…well…she’s kinda superhuman isn’t she?

As musicians, bands, artists, creators, singers, songwriters…however you choose to label yourselves – one of the best & most personally rewarding feelings you’ll ever know is that moment when you get to a point in your career where you can now use your platform for an even greater good.  It takes courage, it takes conviction, and of course it takes an altruistic approach that favors the whole of humanity as opposed to any one individual.  You better believe Luanne Hunt gets a full salute of respect from me.

And all-things considered, when it comes to the purpose behind the song & the song behind the purpose, “We Rise” accomplishes its goal of finding a sweet & empowering anthem that suits the cause.  As I alluded to in the opening of this review, Luanne’s been through quite a bit in her life to say the very least…she’s experienced triumph, she’s experienced tragedy, and she’ll likely experience them both again.  The difference is, that next time around, she’ll be surrounded by the support of the We Rise organization – and so too, will many others be, at the times they need it most.  Luanne both wrote & produced “We Rise” – and that’s a good move to make when you’re overseeing an entire project or laying the groundwork for a whole movement like she is – you wanna be invested in every possible aspect you can be…because it’s something you truly care about.  As a result, all this passion, all this purpose…it all becomes something you can really hear in the uplifting spirit of “We Rise” and the way Luanne’s got this single sounding.  She deserves a lot of credit as a songwriter for sure – you can hear the craft, the care, and the focus she’s applied to “We Rise” by the very way it unfolds as you listen; echoing a rising of its own, this song/single/theme-song/anthem continually builds & expands beautifully until it reaches its glorious peak at the inspired finale at the end with its fullest atmosphere.  Adding in the spoken-word moments was another huge highlight that serves a true purpose in shining a light on the unity achieved through music, as do the seriously magnificent harmonies & backup vocals that join Luanne as she sings her way to the end of “We Rise.”  Everything, right from the get-go, has that genuine feeling of something special building up – and in this reviewer’s humble opinion, the rewards of the journey you’ll take throughout this single to get to that glorified ending is absolutely worth taking.  Hearing the sincerity, emotion, and expression blossom into a brilliant array of colorful vocals & powerful melodies was THE perfect way to finish “We Rise” and give it the opportunity to make the impact the message truly deserves.  She’s done a wonderful job on this song & she’s done it all for a wonderful cause – and now that she’s taken this extremely important step forward into what could very well become the most defining years of her career to come, she’s got a full group of support at her side to take part in her adventures in the future to follow; they in turn, have her right there with them, too.

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