Ltronnika – “Echoes Past”

 Ltronnika – “Echoes Past”

Fantastically gorgeous.

While Ltronnika has occupied plenty of space on our pages, screens, and speakers this year already with singles like “Mission To Paradise,” “Get In The Groove,” and “Motion Emotion” so far…looking back on the history of this subtle Electro artist’s history, the space between the last one we heard and “Echoes Past” is actually one of the larger gaps we’ve had since we first started listening back in 2019.  Don’t get me wrong…chances are, this dude is still outworking YOU & most artists/bands at a pace that would put everyone to shame…it’s really only been a couple of months since the last single, but if you’re paying real close attention, you can even see things are changing visually in between then and now.  Perhaps that’s an indication of the next chapter in the story, or the next phase of evolution taking place in the rapidly growing catalog of this compelling Electro wizard…

…because this…this is awesome.  I’m stoked about what I hear on “Echoes Past.”

I sat here, listened, and wracked my whole brain, shaking it for the comparison I was looking for.  I’ve heard some really great tunes from Ltronnika in the past, and I’m well aware that this Electro project has a solid penchant for melodic music that is designed to hit the sweet spot in our speakers – but I’d be lying by omission if I didn’t say that “Echoes Past” immediately.  Like, within mere seconds…it had the exact kind of sound that connects straight to the soul…and I knew instantly that I was now listening to what would quickly become one of Ltronnika’s best.  And you know something?  I was completely right.

And though it took me forever to recall the name of the comparison I was after, I finally pulled it off – it was none other than the one & only Ulrich Schnauss – that’s exactly who Ltronnika reminds me of on this latest single, and I couldn’t be happier about it!  For real…go listen to records like Far Away Trains Passing By or A Strangely Isolated Place and you’ll hear exactly what I mean about their similarities – as far as my ears are concerned, that’s about as excellent of company as you could ever hope to call a peer.  The production on “Echoes Past” sparkles beautifully with radiant professionalism – but so too does the performance itself…Ltronnika should me mighty proud of this latest single, it’s fully loaded with the freedom of expression, a wonderfully uplifting sound, and noteworthy melody that is absolutely right up there with the best of the best we’ve heard from this project so far.  It could very well be THE best cut in the Ltronnika catalog for many of you listeners out there, and I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for feeling that way towards this stunning melody.  I know I’m leaning that way myself personally, and I’ve heard a ton of great tracks from Ltronnika…but this…this is the real sound of everything in its right place.

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