Ltronnika – “Alien Jungle”

 Ltronnika – “Alien Jungle”

When we last left off on our series of posts with Ltronnika earlier in the summer of 2020 with the release of the single “Echoes Past,” you could visually see just a slight transition being made and hear what sounded like plans to head towards that all-important next-level.  It might be months later on down the road here – but quality takes time y’all!  And besides that – there’s even more evidence here that Ltronnika is firing on all cylinders as this Electro project continues to break into the music-scene.

You could call “Alien Jungle” a variety of appealing vibes on display, a smorgasbord of sounds to love, or just a verifiably hot song all-around…however you wanna define it, I’m sure we can agree that what we’re hearing is resoundingly fresh, undeniably upbeat, and wildly addictive.  The ultra-neon sound-selection that Ltronnika is rockin’ with here is exceptionally well designed and pops out of your speakers in all the right ways that get noticed by the ears; whether it’s the structure & composition itself, or the actual sound of each element added into the mix, one way or the other you are bound to be impressed with the lively bounce & inspired spark you’ll hear at the core of Ltronnika’s latest catchy digital groove, “Alien Jungle.”

What was even cooler is that you can still hear trace elements of the signature Ltronnika-style melody we know & love floating throughout parts of “Alien Jungle” – but you can hear the serious update that’s been put into the production and overall sound.  Essentially taking a piece of the story we know and expanding it brilliantly, Ltronnika dazzles with the array of vibrant sounds bouncing throughout “Alien Jungle” and gives you every reason to want to repeat this whole experience all over again several times.  Great to have this dude back in action where Ltronnika belongs – and even better to hear such an inspired return – “Alien Jungle” sounds spectacular and completely delivers high quality entertainment.  Complete with a kaleidoscopic visualizer that rocks to watch while you’re listening – everything about “Alien Jungle” sounds like another leap forward for Ltronnika & another strong cut for your enjoyment.

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