Louis Stylez – The Rise Of Louis Stylez

 Louis Stylez – The Rise Of Louis Stylez

Louis Stylez – The Rise Of Louis Stylez – EP Review

After reading about the combined 800,000+ hits on his music-videos and how Louis Stylez’s songs have crossed the water to other continents entirely, finding its way to the UK and Africa – a long, long way away from his hometown of Kansas City; expectations were raised up before listening to what this MC has to offer on The Rise Of Louis Stylez. Backed by his label, Power Players Entertainment, Stylez has put together an entertaining new EP full of highlight moments, twisting and turning with unexpected moments that do a lot to bring you into his unique sound and approach to hip-hop & rap.

I can definitely say that listening to the opening cut, “Hit Record,” I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to be in for. The rap…very loose in tone…wild…somewhat reckless – but then listening to the words and the beat, it all makes sense; this is definitely a party track. Lyrically, Louis Stylez had me pretty-well convinced of his talent in this first song; aside from a few modern-day references designed to capture the culture of our time, the majority of the lyrics contain razor-sharp wit. As your ears tune in to the overall sound and style of Stylez it becomes more welcome as the music plays on; “Hit Record” is a good-times tune that sets the EP off in the right direction.

What I did NOT expect to follow, was the absolutely GENIUS beat that provides the backbone of “Flashy.” This…this is about as sick as a beat can get! I absolutely love the old-school hip-hop vibe that runs deep through this track supplied by like…what the HELL is that anyway? A birdcall? Whistle? Whatever is providing the hook in the music is a POWERFUL piece playing throughout “Flashy,” and all-out audio-awesomeness.

To me, “Flashy” also served up a better combination of Louis Stylez rhythm, tone & flow to the music than the opening track did. There is nothing about this song that doesn’t scream out HIT – it’s just an excellent vibe, served up to perfection by Stylez.

And just in case you weren’t in a good enough mood from the first two cuts, you’ve got “I’m Feeling Good Today,” to fix whatever’s wrong with you haters. Another great laid-back & chill vibe from Louis; he has an excellent way of letting you know he takes it all seriously from his delivery in these songs, but never too seriously. “I’m Feeling Good Today,” has excellent vocal samples laced into its pulsing beat, and once again you get a quality set of on-point lyrics from Louis with humor, knowledge & style.

“Back Down” has the man comin’ out gunnin,’ so watch yourself! I dig the flow of this track even though the anthem itself is a fairly regular concept within rap. The song has a great synth rhythm that provides the basis for the energy and Stylez once again rises up to the occasion, just as the EP’s title suggested he would. While it might not have ended up being my favourite cut of the 5 on The Rise Of Louis Stylez, still a solid track, performed and produced well.

With assistance from homies Zo & Shanell to help close out this EP on the right note, this combination succeeds in a powerful & sexy final track. I mean, if you listen close ladies…I’m just sayin’ – I can’t confirm that Louis is a bachelor at the moment, but if he’s not taken there’s bound to be ladies lined up around the block looking for him to bring this story beyond music and into their reality. Excellent combo of vocals, all with different sounds & styles that all blend together smoothly in this final cut; it climbs in ambition as the track progresses to the end and it’s performed convincingly in a way that brings this full set of five to a proper close. Entertaining and creative – Louis Stylez is making creative waves in current hip-hop on The Rise Of Louis Stylez.

Find out more from his official page at: http://www.louisstylez.com/

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