Loso DaVinci – “Xany” Feat. Jukebox Bully

 Loso DaVinci – “Xany” Feat. Jukebox Bully

Loso DaVinci – “Xany” Feat. Jukebox Bully – Single Review

As a reviewer…it can be a really rad experience to hear music that starts out with a vocal-sample of kind.  As a reviewer with an official Hunter S. Thompson tattoo…it’s altogether awesome when you start out a song like “Xany” with a quote from the infamous movie Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas with Johnny Depp’s voice doing what is still the most accurate portrayal of HST to ever have been done.  So…in all fairness…Loso DaVinci kind of had me right from the drop on this one with the clever intro to “Xany” setting the tone for what’s to follow instantly, following it up with the beat kicking-in perfectly.

A proper tale of love & drugs and the powerful connection that exists between them, the hazy/chilled vibe of “Xany” fits the themes in the lyrics perfectly.  Great rhythm to the main hook in the chorus of this tune…great use of the vocal-sample reappearing throughout the song…solid beat and excellent elements of electro/sample-sounds filling the atmosphere in all-kinds of tightly-produced, clever ways; the collaboration between Jukebox Bully and Loso DaVinci is clearly one that works extremely well.  Just as a sidenote…Jukebox Bully is a WICKED moniker to take-on…and is it strange that we’ve got Loso DaVinci in review just days after finding the music of Genius Picaso – or is life imitating art even more than I had thought it was these days?

Though I’m not always a massive fan of the modern-day R&B/Hip-Hop combination – I certainly have respect for the genre when it’s done right.  Credit to the production and performance here on “Xany” because I really felt like the hypnotic-vibe of the verse and the bright-rhythm/melody to the chorus really managed to break the walls of stigma down with a widespread appeal that’s bound to catch a lot more ears than just my own.  Loso DaVinci does a great job on the mic here…the performance and it’s adherence to the energy of the music makes this whole flow work solidly.  I dig the pivoting words punching off the beat through the verse when the low-end kicks-in and I really liked the way the chorus on “Xany” inarguably takes the entire song to the next-level.  With added beats & percussion sending you into the chorus, the melody in the music and in the vocals increases and evolves, taking this single into a seriously captivating atmosphere.

What really stands-out to me upon repeat listens are the intro itself, that first punch-in to the chorus and the incredible amount of things that are actually happening in the background of the track with layers of backing vocals chiming in throughout the mix and added elements to the music thickening the atmosphere of “Xany.”  The melody of the chorus and its easily-accepted hooks continues to shine brightly as a highlight in the writing…but truly, it’s the overall movement and transitions in the writing, structure and resulting delivery in the performance that makes DaVinci’s cut work as well as it does.  Even though he might ‘not remember how he got here’ – the music/moment is out there in vivid detail that you’re bound to absorb and find memorable yourself as a listener.  Lyrically…many of you out there have certainly experienced a Friday night or two that will find you relating quickly to this track…we all wake up somewhere strange at some point wondering how we got there, don’t we?  I’m pretty sure it’s not just myself that can relate to Loso’s words…you know it and I know it, don’t leave me hangin’ here.

“Xany” is a highly-dynamic, highly-entertaining cut that I truly enjoyed.  The chillness to the atmosphere and vibe still packs massive amounts of captivating sound that’s guaranteed to hold the attention and the building/evolution of the beat is stunning throughout.  Great job from Loso DaVinci and Jukebox Bully in this collaboration – definitely hope it leads them to more in the future, this completely works.

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