Lord Of Equator – Soundcloud Singles

 Lord Of Equator – Soundcloud Singles

Lord Of Equator – Soundcloud Collected – Singles Review

From the minds of Lada Heo and Igor Aveiro, all the way from Санкт-Петербург…umm…I mean…well let’s just say close to Saint Petersburg, Russia; we’ve got electro-pop from Lord Of Equator coming to us through the speakers today in review. Blending textures of electro, rock, dubstep, post-punk and ambient sounds together in bright, bold & beautiful combinations – these first three singles from Lord Of Equator certainly indicate this duo has a lot to offer.

Whether you listen to these singles for production, performance or song-writing, you’ll hear that it’s all right there where it should be for these two. As the opening electro-melody of “Silence” opens up and expands with increasing atmosphere, the composition and arrangement display themselves in a fantastic light. Pulsing into the up-tempo with a clever switch in the energy a minute-and-a-half in, the vocals get increasingly better from moment one to the end of the track as they rise up to match the energy and tone of “Silence.” Definitely a great start to this sampling of three new songs…and now it’s time for Lord Of Equator to prove we didn’t just get lucky and click their best song at random…let’s continue to listen and see exactly what else we’ve got here…

“Famine” starts out made of crystalline-sounds that quickly engage and captivate you as the vocals drift into the melody. I really dig the effects applied to the vocals on this song, they’re all electro-chopped and altered; you can picture the sheer amount of work in making those glitch and pulse as perfectly as they do. Not only is the performance engaging, but the sounds and tones of this melody are emotionally moving; “Famine” is performed with much passion and that audibly translates easily to our listening ears. This is one hell of a dynamic track; it bounces and moves around with real vibrance and energy.

Perhaps saving the best for last…”Heart Of Eternity” actually recalls the similar energy you might have felt in a song like “Running Up That Hill” from Kate Bush…maybe even the Placebo version. It’s widespread, open, melancholy but hopeful; you can feel the rhythmic pulse grow stronger until just after two minutes it breaks into a fine display of electro-wizardry courtesy of Lord Of Equator once again. This last song certainly provides the impact they were looking to leave you with. Complete with whispered vocals, sorrowful strings and the resounding feeling of light finding triumph over dark. “Heart Of Eternity” is like a musical battle waged within itself and through their epic combination of talents truly take you from the beginning to the end of this journey with every second captivating your mind and ear-holes. There really is a tremendous amount of emotion contained in this song, good ones and tougher ones – ALL presented with the passion and energy the writing deserves.

Absolutely looking forward to hearing more from our new Russian friends in Lord Of Equator; if this is the quality and overall sound they plan to consistently put forth, you can definitely count me as a fan.

Check them out further and support them at Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/lordofequator

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