Lonnie Dangerous – “#BlackMamba”

 Lonnie Dangerous – “#BlackMamba”

Goin’ hard in the paint” – yessir!

Lonnie Dangerous is here to keep ya entertained with a solid single built on loose vibes and good times, ready to combine doses of humor with insightful social commentary on his latest cut “#BlackMamba.”  Complete with a stellar vid shot by the one & only LewisYouNasty to support Lonnie’s new single, you’ll see breakdancin’ and stylistic moves being busted all over the place onscreen while Dangerous hits ya with the bars & hooks.  Tons of personality on display from the speakers to the screen – and lyrical lines that are guaranteed to have ya raising an eyebrow or two wondering if he just said what you think you heard him say – and spoiler alert, he probably did!  Proudly singing out the chorus and lettin’ the “#BlackMamba” hook work its magic on ya through the fusion of charisma & charm that Lonnie Dangerous brings to the m-i-c, he’s generating all kinds of fun & authentic entertainment from sight to sound on his brand-new single/video.  With the advantage of provocative rhymes and thought-provoking lyricism bound to make you chuckle just as much as make you think – the star-quality runs deep throughout this confident cut and every explicit twist & turn it’ll take.  Don’t take our word for it though – check out “#BlackMamba” for yourself below yo!

Find out more about Lonnie Dangerous from his official page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/Lonnie-Dangerous-245708478835079

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