Logan – “Drifting Apart” Feat. Londyen Skye

 Logan – “Drifting Apart” Feat. Londyen Skye

Logan – “Drifting Apart” Featuring Londyen Skye – Single Review

You know…music can be a weird world sometimes.  There’s a completely legitimate reason as to why most of the musicians and artists out there either hate the idea of genres altogether or when asked, refuse to be defined by any one singular style of music.  Case in-point, Logan’s new single “Drifting Apart” from his new Letting Go EP; as it began and I was listening to the smooth versatility in his vocal-flow, I was thinking to myself…hmmm…could be R&B…could be Soul…could be Hip-Hop.  Even an argument for a light-style of Trap was being entertained in my mind until I decided to look him up online at his social-media and see how he chose to define his music from his own perspective.  Survey says…

…Electronic.  Of course!  You see what I mean?

Like any good artist should, Logan keeps his options all open and dips into different genres like a painter would grab all the colors they need before putting their imagination onto the canvas.  “Drifting Apart” certainly does have a lot going on in the electro-department when it comes right down to it…the music on this cut is subtly intense all the way through with an expert’s mix in the production.  Logan’s new single sounds incredibly tight from all corners…the way the music works in this cut is insanely cool when you listen up close; huge low-end swells and a really unique use of like…electro-percussion let’s say…you know what I mean, all them cool, shiny and sparkly sounds goin’ on!  “Drifting Apart” has it all together musically – and the vocals come out sounding just as solid.

Whether it’s Logan’s own smooth sound on the vocals, or the track’s feature guest-star Londyen Skye – both the leads and backup harmonies come out swinging confidently, stylistically & professionally.  You can tell at this point that this definitely isn’t their first rodeo in the studio, know what I’m sayin’?  Given that the song is a reflection on the state of a relationship in jeopardy…the contrasting vocals between the controlled male lead from Logan and the confident female lead from Londyen help give the storyline in the lyrics added weight, seriousness and depth.  When it comes right down to it – Logan seems to have found a way to execute this one pretty damn perfectly from the concepts to the performances and enlisted excellent assistance from Skye to make that happen as vividly as it does.  The verses have wicked editing on the vocals…smart effects…words that really fit the theme and make their feelings known through the emotional delivery on the mic from both leads and the way they express the lyrics to match the energy in the music.  Sounding solid on their own and perhaps even better together when the harmonies entwine and both vocalists are in full-bloom at the very end of the song.

“Drifting Apart” is well thought-out & equally well laid-out.  The pace is hypnotic and hazy…the music is more than vibrant enough to keep your attention…and for many people out there, these lyrics might tell an all-too familiar tale.  We all know someone that’s been through a scenario like this if they haven’t been through one themselves.  Being relatable can be a huge factor in how the people connect to a song; you add in stellar performances and innovative music like Logan is and you’re bound to get the attention you deserve.  He’s written a smart track that lays it all on the line lyrically and keeps it real in a way that people can understand, empathize or sympathize with…”Drifting Apart” details some of the most painful parts of love in excruciating words while keeping the music plenty chilled & entertaining.  Dig this…Logan is clearly a passionate, professional and multi-dimensional musician…whether you find him in the Electro section or end up finding him somewhere else – I’m confident it’ll be worth your time to have a listen to what he’s up to…he’s definitely a highly-skilled, focused & talented artist.

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