Lofi Engineer – Hip-Hop Chill Beats For Engineers Vol. 3

 Lofi Engineer – Hip-Hop Chill Beats For Engineers Vol. 3

Lofi Engineer – Hip-Hop Chill Beats For Engineers Vol. 3 – Music Video Post

Ayyyy man – I get it!  Y’all engineers are out there, doin’ what you do around the clock, just tryin’ to get through the grind & get it done – and wouldn’t life just be BETTER with a kickass soundtrack happenin’ in the background?  Heck ya it would be, and you KNOW it!  Thankfully, Lofi Engineer has stepped up to the plate to help fill that space for ya, and provide you will a stellar mix of music that’ll set your mind at ease so that you can get back to doin’ what you do so well & be the very best version of yourself, 100%.  This whole mix he’s assembled to go with his looped animation, is just about as chilled-out as chilled-out can be…stunningly mellow, spellbinding beats & atmospheric vibes – it creates a spectacular experience that I truly never wanted to end.  Considering that it’s over fifty minutes in total length, you gotta dig that – not only will you never get bored, chances are, you’ll be straight up mesmerized by this music.

It all comes from a reliable source we know & love.  As you’ll notice, it’s already volume three – which means there are two other mixes out there so far on this new channel you can enjoy – and as far as the channel itself goes, it’s a sub-series that’s being created by the one & only Made By Engineer, who we’ve featured on this page a couple times for the animation vids/mix-tapes he’s been creating in the past.  Dude’s been hard at work this year making sure you’ve got lots of entertainment to enjoy – so make sure to show both Made By Engineer & Lofi Engineer some love for all this effort y’all – like & subscribe & all that good stuff.  At the very least, feel the VIBE will ya?  Lofi Engineer will entirely prove to you, all throughout Hip-Hop Chill Beats For Engineers Vol. 3, that he’s got exquisite taste in music, and knows exactly how to go about creating the perfect atmosphere for you to relax, get your study on, or just chill along with simply because you wanna – which you most certainly WILL.  Love the music this dude sources out & the positive mindset he’s got – Lofi Engineer has the vibe you wanna hear, I guarantee it.

Make sure to hit up the official channel right here at this link:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk8RnYas_gfkTDPb5HAzfTA

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