Linkz – “Drama Free”/”Kick Rocks”

 Linkz – “Drama Free”/”Kick Rocks”

Linkz – “Drama Free”/”Kick Rocks” – Singles Review

Linkz – what up!

He shouted-out just about every person/place on the globe at the beginning of “Drama Free” – just figured I’d return the favor and start this review with a shout-out to the man behind the music, why not?

Two new singles from a modern-day hip-hop artist that’s been generating big-buzz both on the streets and with critics – Linkz seems to be well on his way to impressing the people out there with the big-beats in his music and auto-tuned-up flow.  There are lots of ways to define what’s happening in modern-day hip-hop, but auto-tuned vocals are definitely one way to quick discern what you’re listening to.  Linkz uses the effect to his advantage on “Drama Free” and gets the notes bending just like they should…for myself personally, I’ve always liked the sound of AT’d vocals…as long as they’re done right.  Linkz nails it and keeps his flow smooth and on-point throughout “Drama Free.”

He works the mic solidly throughout the entire track with lyrics that snap perfectly together…kicking into gear on the second-verse, Linkz keeps the roll through his words sounding confident.  The hooks are strong enough for sure…and he uses another staple of modern-day music by infusing R&B subtly into the vibe of the entire song…it keeps “Drama Free” winding & grinding at the perfect pace.  It’s chilled out, it’s intense – all at the same time…and I think that credit really goes to Linkz on the mic for keeping it real the entire way through.

But I didn’t stop there…I was checking out what I could from the Yanky Boi recording artist Linkz and what else was out there.  Caught a rad video for a song called “They Know” featuring homies Boa and Rem Buxks…and I was already digging the video I saw for “Drama Free” – but then I found my favorite with “Kick Rocks” for sure.  The video is filmed incredibly well…the song is HUGE and seriously dynamic – you can check it out in our spotlight segment on Linkz on our latest episode of SBS Live This Week – and I fully recommend you do, it’s fucking SHARP.  Editing on it is fantastic and you can see what this means to Linkz right there in the video – just look into his eyes, you’ll see he’s ready for his moment.

Now…in a sense, he is taking a bit of a chance with these songs keeping the effects on the vocals…you get a bit more of his natural sound on “Kick Rocks” – but whether or not you’ll end up feeling like you really know what Linkz himself sounds like after these tracks I’ve heard…I dunno…it’s still a bit of a mystery if you ask me.  I wouldn’t discourage him from what he’s been doing because I think both of these tunes are strong…especially the main hook he provides in “Kick Rocks” – but at the same time, I’d encourage him to not be worried at all about letting that natural sound of his voice out every once in a while too…there’s no harm when you’ve got the skills, and Linkz clearly does.  I thought the main hook of “Kick Rocks” was beyond-strong…that’s a hit waiting to happen – especially with the gigantic sound of the music & production.

So he’s onto something…there’s no doubt about it.  I think “Kick Rocks” has the kind of sound that will truly last…that’s definitely a single-worthy tune.  “Drama Free” is every bit as solid as well – just a totally different, more subtle and chilled vibe that would theoretically appeal to almost an entirely different audience than the other single we’ve been checking out here in review today.  He’s got a widespread sound that’s versatile and has definitely crossover appeal of all kinds…I got confidence in Linkz – I think this guy could potentially go the distance and become one of modern-day music’s premier entertainers.

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