Linda Tourje – “Leila”

 Linda Tourje – “Leila”

Linda Tourje – “Leila” – Single Review


If there’s one thing I’m absolutely sure of, it’s that singer/songwriter Linda Tourje should be truly proud of this new single “Leila” – the humble beauty you’ll find in the sweetness of this song is outright staggering.  I’m massively impressed by what I hear from Linda on this tune…it’s the kind of melody that you can tell comes straight from her heart, designed to reach your own on several levels.

The only thing I’m not sure about is what’s not to love about this song!

You’re not going to find any complaints from me today when it comes to “Leila” – there’s not a thing I’d change about it, and I think from the music to the microphone, Linda’s done an exceptional job on this new single of hers.  Last we heard from her was a song called “Whatever Happened To Forever” back at the tail-end of 2018 – and there’s not a doubt in my mind that the gentle, quaint, and sparkling melody she’s created on “Leila” already reveals a giant leap forward in the evolution of a relatively new artist.

Perhaps the best way I can put it is, the majority of songs out there in the world will take several spins to work their true magic on ya.  “Leila” is a perfect example of the much more rare case whereby you hear it once, and you’re hooked immediately; as subtle & delicate as it may be, it makes a bold impact on ya.

There is such a wonderful mix of emotions in “Leila” that any set of ears out there would surely hear it and connect to this song from the head to the heart.  To begin with, you’ve got the stunning beauty to be found within the music itself, led by the powerful piano notes and soon joined by violin to fill the atmosphere with noteworthy sound you can seriously feel flow right through you.  The vocals come out honestly, humbly, and spectacularly real…the kind of pairing a song written like this one really deserves.

Like I said, there’s nothing I’d even think of changing here – I feel like Linda’s done everything right when it comes to “Leila” and her performance.  When it comes right down to what makes this successful, it goes far beyond performance – it’s a single like this that shines a beautiful light on what a stunning songwriter she really is.  That in itself, is revealed through both the music and the words; you can hear it in the flawless composition & combination of instrumentation – and perhaps even more-so through the lyrics she’s penned for “Leila.”  Ultimately, I think she’s done an extraordinary job of finding the real heart within this song…and while it might be written on the subject/theme surrounding one particular name, “Leila” will likely echo many of the thoughts & feelings we share on the most complicated and meaningful relationships that we often experience.  Whether you feel like you share Linda’s perspective on missing her “sister” and “friend,” or you feel more like how she describes “Leila” in this song yourself – you’ll find that it’s all approached from an extremely real & relatable angle that’s truly touching.  You could verifiably call this a tribute song of sorts…quite honestly, whoever “Leila” is, should be honored to hear this heartfelt song and take comfort in the fact that, Linda clearly loves her to the moon and back.

Cleverly entwining the happy & the sad as one – Tourje shows just how much respect she has for “Leila” by appreciating the entire experience and accepting the circumstances she describes in her lyrics for what they are, without judgment.  Not everyone in our lives will make the same decisions or choices that we do…”Leila” speaks a lot to that…but it also shows how unconditional love can truly be as well.  Sometimes those little birdies we love gotta leave the nest for a while, spread their wings, and fly on their own; and while it might be extremely hard at times to endure those times & fight that desire to share every experience with the ones we love.  There’s a genuine beauty in setting a soul free to do as they will, whatever that may be or wherever it may take them…and in our heart-of-hearts, it’s something that the strongest among us can admire & appreciate from afar, no matter how big that distance may become, or how long the situation may last.  We can hope that those we love will come back to us, but we can also acknowledge & understand that’s ultimately not up to us to decide.  “Leila” does a wonderful job of capturing all these ideas and so much more within its complex emotions and outstandingly sweet sound – Linda has created a single that’s stunningly grounded in what matters in the way we love someone and how that can make us feel inside.  Written with authentic sincerity and delivered powerfully with the beautiful emotion in the music & vocals it deserved – in my personal opinion, there’s not a doubt in my mind that “Leila” is Linda’s best single to-date.  Purely beautiful.

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