Lil Dream – “VOSS”

 Lil Dream – “VOSS”

Dude balls so hard even his water comes straight from the top shelf yo!

Lil Dream is right in the flow of his single “VOSS” from the record Swipe Rixh 2 – it’s crystal clear that this is an emcee that knows his way around the bars, hooks, and rhythm.  With a big bass-beat cut backing him up, the man demonstrates he spends more on water alone than most families spend on their groceries combined in the video for “VOSS,” crusin’ through the aisles, shoppin’ and rappin’ it up as he’s drivin.’  This hydrated homie hits the mic with precision, and fully reveals the confidence it takes to spit rhymes that make a lasting impact on listeners – whether it’s the fluid movement of the verses or the stylistically smooth sound of the chorus comin’ at ya, Lil Dream gives you every reason to keep your attention locked on “VOSS.”  Certainly seems like nothing gets in between this artist and his thirst for success – he’ll even take a quick time-out in the middle of the video for “VOSS” to make sure his coolant is topped-up – and from there it’s right back to his grind, making the magic happen on the m-i-c.  Flexing finesse and a hybrid style that blends real Rap/Trap into one seamlessly – Lil Dream keeps it G’d up from the feet-up and the whole experience real AF – check out the video/single for “VOSS” from Swipe Rixh 2 below!

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