Lil D From Third Ward – “On Me” Feat. Euris G & Zay Funk

 Lil D From Third Ward – “On Me” Feat. Euris G & Zay Funk

Things are about to get realer than real – these emcees aren’t playin’ around yo!

In a collaborative effort, these three rappers get wild on the mic and detail what a day in the life is like when you’re out there on the corner every day hustlin’ to make that paper stack up.  Bar after bar, Lil D From Third Ward, Euris G., and Zay Funk trade verses between them while spittin’ straight venom & fire into the mic with menace & mayhem in their voice at all times.  Guns drawn, storyline in-check, they get all kinds of gritty for the video supporting the new single “On Me” – check it out below!

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