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 Leslie DeShazor

Official Press Release

Leslie DeShazor Makes Instrumental Magic – Her Debut Album Journey With Me Is Officially Out Now!

With an exquisite & enchanting debut record filled with immaculately innovative & skillful freestyle Jazz, a full crew of extraordinary industry professionals, and Leslie DeShazor’s undeniable X-factor talent, her music has proudly been making its way across the globe from one side of the map to the other this year.

Available on every major online platform right now, Journey With Me is a vividly audible odyssey into a realm where art and music are bonded tightly together.  From Leslie’s stunning instrumentation on the electric violin & viola, to the superbly dynamic set of diverse melodies, rhythms, and grooves that adorn the entire set-list of her debut record, Journey With Me is leaving listeners speechless in amazement – and all without using a single word.  Through spectacularly expressive musicianship that speaks volumes on behalf of her world-class talent and the passionate players joining her, Journey With Me is as moving and passionate as it is truly entertaining.

Joined by incredible instrumental titans from the Detroit area where she’s currently based, Leslie’s new album features a sensational group of players, including Nate Winn, Sasha Kashperko, Brendon Davis, Brandon Rose, Marion Hayden, Rick Roe, and Robert Hurst.  Together over the course of seven cutting edge songs that infuse authentic swagger, vibrantly colorful style & creative freedom with high-quality ideas and skill second to none – Journey With Me is the start of something remarkably special, and a trip into the beyond where her possibility & potential meets the opportunity to produce audibly spectacular results.

The album is officially out & you are cordially invited to celebrate along with Leslie DeShazor this year as she surges onto the playlists & charts around the world with the release of her debut record, establishes her name permanently in the scene as the premier entertainer she has become, and thrills listeners with a powerfully versatile set of unforgettable songs fully designed to move the mind, body, and soul as one.

Find out more about Leslie DeShazor at her official website at:  https://lesliedeshazor.com

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