Lee Williams – “The Pit And The Pendulum”

 Lee Williams – “The Pit And The Pendulum”

Lee Williams – “The Pit And The Pendulum” – Single Review

This is an extremely tough one, coming to me on a day of sheer outstanding excellence so far…I can’t tell you just how much I WANT to support all the great talent I can hear in this new single from Lee Williams…because I truly do…but I’m not going to lie to you dear readers…he’s made it tough…

With an instant classic-rock sound that is just insanely pure in its tone and ambition, the overall sound stands out quickly in both the music and the harmonies. You’ve got that as a positive on the one hand…well, multiple positives really. There’s only one aspect of this song that is going to go on to plague this entire track as it plays…which are slight timing issues.

And I mean SLIGHT…but they also occur multiple times…and in a weird way, it kind of comes out in almost a more authentic way as it stands. Think of the old rock cassettes you might have had that laid out in the sun for a day and never quite played the same way since the exposure…this new song from Lee Williams, “The Pit And The Pendulum,” plays a little like that. What I’m not sure…is if it’s the drums or guitar that is ultimately responsible…I’m not sure that it even matters at the end of the day.

What I do know, are great ideas and potential when I hear them – and those ARE on display here in “The Pit And The Pendulum.” The sheer blues-rock vibe of it all sounds thoroughly authentic; a real throwback but one that rocks in all the right ways with seriously fantastic harmonies and great hooks throughout both the verse & chorus. Left to their own devices…each instrument takes a turn shining – you can tell that both the guitar and drums certainly possess an excellent level of skill…the bass, sounds fine, might need to be turned up just a little…

The complexity of the tune Lee’s after however, might have gotten the best of his intentions and excellent idea. It’s odd in the sense that it doesn’t sound rushed so much as it does like it is cautious at spots…like if this was recorded in the studio it sounds like there were headphones that didn’t allow him to fully hear what was already being played in order to stay true to the timing. If it was live off the floor…well, then it’s actually quite impressive recording-wise…but he’d need to find that right mix in the room that really allows him to hear other players while still achieving the sounds and tones he’s looking to reach in his music. All that being said…all I can find are the credits of one man…and if that is indeed the case, and it’s ONLY Lee making all this rock flow from the speakers, it’s only fair to cut him a little slack for doing it all himself.

‘Cause after all…there really are a lot of great ideas here in the music and for the most part delivered exceptionally well. That all speaks to the potential of this artist in terms of growth & refinement, there’s not too far to go for Lee Williams to take good to great. He certainly performs with a real style and rock-attitude – and with a little determination and a bit more precision…Lee Williams could very well be onto an excellent sound here that could assuredly pack the dance-floor with stomping boots of support.

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